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a very BUNNY xmas!

to all of you who see us all over the world. we hope your xmas was as lovely and cute as ours.

our first xmas of many as a family.

a very BUNNY xmas to all of you… from far away Mozambique… where the heat is unbearable but the sun shines for all.


it’s xmas!

design by alberto chaves, giraffe photo including. english translation by miss portugal!

it wouldn’t be christmas


without a tree



without family


beautiful presents


and happy wishes

Nono and Ana and Sola and João Pedro, or in other words (to us) the MEIRELLES! my father used to spend his christmas, on the 24th of december with the MEIRELLES family, far away cousins but yet so close! times have changed, independencies and different continents made our families grow apart but this year we were able to sort of recreate a long lost tradition, WE SPENT CHRISTMAS WITH THE MEIRELLES!!! dad was proud i’m sure! 

the BACALHAU was the main dish, different one but also the weather was different as was the tree, no more pine shapes, this year we had an embondeiro (i think that’s how you spell it)… and who says 44year-old girls can’t have lots of fun, and lots of presents and lots of giggles?! of course the 29year-old girl over here also loved her present… i even had a hard time putting it down when i was going to bed!

i will never forget this night. it made our far-away-from-home christmas so cosy and wonderful. it’s good to know we’re not alone. merry christmas everyone!