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products that work 003

probably the product i used the least and liked the better!

my sister thought that IF i was able to breastfeed twins i’d need one of these and she was right, the only problem was the fact that my boys breastfed one after the other, 20 minutes precisely and that meant that i had absolutely no time to keep them in this beautiful pillow for very long… unless it was the second to be fed. the first onw has his 20 min and then “off you go”

it so happens that i was in lisbon using this soft gadget and i stayed for 2months using it as much as i could, though the three feed each during the night i didn’t really bother using it, i felt pretty bad leaving it behind when we left for mozambique. 5 months later i stopped breastfeeding and realized my arm has a muscle the size of a truck and no use for it, i could’ve saved myselfd a bit of arm pain if it was for that pillow.

i think it works. it helps greatly and it gives any mother comfort. it keeps your baby very close to you and it’s amazing to be able to caress him while feeding him enjoying the non back and arm pain. if your babies are heavy the better!

i give it the thumbs up. i’ve already let my sister know that whoever she knows is pregnant can use it when the baby arrives. it gives them a bit of cuddling too.


eight and counting

eight months…

every months i think, “maybe this will be a slow month” and then, thirty days later i noticed that again it has been a wonderful, exciting and full of new things month!

just before i send out to friends and family their month pictures, i realize “jeez, so many!!!” because every month they have changelled us, themselves and have learned, done and experienced amazing things in just thirty days!!!

and this one has been one more WONDERFUL month!!!

where shall i start? have you read the post below? the food feeders have changed our lives, they eat anything that fits into that little net and chew on it with their lives. anything: carrots, apples, pears, bab«nanas, papaya, mango, bread, cookies and without ever chocking and scarying me to death! which is very important… they have learned to hold it in order to not get the food stuck and hard to find and behave themselves perfectly. no ingredient scares them, and besides the drool that comes with chewing delicious food, i’m very happy about it, thanks aunt Marta!!

important steps of the month:

. bath in the big bath . for whoever met them when they were newborns remembers how i dreaded giving them a bath, first because i thought it was useless being so small, but also because they cried all the way through… now you should see them! they dance, sing, clap wave, play and even chew the little duckies in the water.

we took our second “long” trip with the boys, 300kms up to White River in South Africa, makinh them have brand new stamps on their passports, adding another country to their list… 3 done, more to go! we visited the Kruger Park with them, and although they couldn’t really enjoy the views and the animals, mommy and daddy were excited for them!! and they brough good luck, it took about 3hrs but we finally saw all the animals, including a beautiful Leopard!!!! one day they’ll see the photos and i’m sure they’ll love it, knowing that we took them no matter how small they were and they will enjoy the stories we tell, we’ll make elephants gigantic, giraffes tall as rainbows, hippos dressed in tutus, and monkeys that tickled them to make it a dream story, because those are the ones that stick to you… them.

talking has begun in sounds that almost sound like something close to something, clapping is part of any conversation and dacing has taken place from Matteo as soon as we start singing. Federico likes to play his music instruments and so just like that we have begun a duo. daddy always said “i hope one is a musician”… mommy would like a writer… (but we’ll love you even if you become soccer players… please don’t though). it is something!

what else? so much and so few words to ectually explain everything. we see things change everyday, but still it is difficult to say it out loud, almost as if we see them grow before our eyes but can’t really tell you in what… they eat so well and bigger portions, they express themselves beautifully andfull of expression, they move without moving but in a way a growing child does. they don’t crawl and i think they never will, but love to stand up and hold on to things higher than them. they reach for things until their nose is on the ground but never more than the limit… for that would require crawling and these boys certainly don’t want to… they drink water from their cups like grown children, but love the sound of little chocking sounds. they adore being held in people’s arms, anyone who smiles really, but sometimes ask to be left alone in their play mat and chose carefully their toys. they sleep like angels, all night and fall asleep in their own beds while mommy closes the drapes and sings the “vitinho” song… it takes two, two complete songs and you close the door hearing their peaceful breathing… it’s good. it’s perfect.

it’s us


plus two tips of teeth… 9th month here we come…

products that work 002

i have a long list of products that work, starting from the newborn stage uç until the 8 months period, which i’m living in now, but i have GOT to show you this! FOOFEEDERS!!!

call me old, maybe you already knew of its existence, i didn’t, and i found them by a friend who lives in sidney, australia, Marta. she sent the twins via post these cool things and i’ll tell you the truth i thanked her excited out loud but i confess i8 had no idea what it was… i obviously am like a child and got excited by the nice vibrant colors (i have one for each twin and they are exactly the colors on the picture).

they were four months at the time and the box said it was for 6months and older… so i waited. at 7months i remembered to get them out of the “older presents” box and studied them, googled them and found out i was missing a great oportunity to give my boys fruit, vegetables, bread and cookies without them chocking!!!

they love it!!! and everyday for desert at lunch time they each CHUNKS of fruit in two seconds! they hold it with their lives and really enjoy it. they smile and laugh until the piece of fruit is gone… it is a great experience. they of course drool a lot and you have to make sure there are washable cloths close by, and their clothes go straight to the washer afterwards, but believe me, they get healthy by themselves this way.

it works! it’s a good thing! and it gives me a great pleasure to see them chew things. it’s great for their gums and for their teeth tips that we are anxiously hoping turn into real teeth soon!!!!