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in my pocket

there’s a passport, and on that passport there’s a VISA allowing me to fly to Maputo and stay there!

this is the last document i had to take care of, after: the photos, copy of Identity Card, copy of Passport, Criminal Record (whih was returned to me… apparently it’s not interesting enough!!!), University Certificate, Contract with the office in Maputo, Declaration of Authorization of Work Ministry in Maputo, flight reservation… and lots of talk… this was it. the VISA is in my hand and there is no turning back now.

well, maybe there is, i can still PANIC, but me? panic??  noooooooo, of course not! jeez if you just knew how much it’s on my mind now you’d wonder why not! …i feel it, i feel it coming… maybe the 10hour flight will help me SCREAM!!!

the next step is really just taking care of little things, but things that take up space in the 40kg i’m allowed to take with me: medicine, mosquito repelent (or any sort of animal repelent), new tenis shoes, new backpack, new socks, a selection of RITUALS creams, shampoo, conditioner, soap, presents to take to the wonderful couple who offered us a place to stay while we search for something of our own, pay taxes, doctor appointment, ear cleaning (suggestion of my father), new eyeglasses, last visits and last food craves.

we are 12 days away from the big day, but i don’t feel much as a goodbye, i feel it definitely more as a “see ya soon” but i think it has to do with the fact that i really miss working and having something definite to do. i need a job. or more habits in my life. i’ve had a great time here in lisbon by my self because everyday, breakfast and 5o’clock tea is always in a different place (found great new places since!), and the days are always a surprise… i rarely stay home and i’m falling in love with this city everyday and more with each day.

…call me wierd, but i can’t concentrate on lisbon or maputo, almost like a rivalty. can’t think about maputo because lisbon, being the jeaulous woman that she is she’ll get upset… but if i think of lisbon i feel i’m not giving my new home a chance. enfin..

all i know for certain is that there’s a VISA in my pocket…