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searching for you…

i wonder sometimes… when did it stop being so wonderful? when do you stop looking at your children and not be happy, or just amazed by their ability to learn, try and be surprised by the smallest things in life?
when did we stop being important enough to make those who made us not love us unconditionally?
i wake up every day and find my babies bigger, smarter and so much more fun than the day before… and sometimes when they sleep i can find, in the dark, things about them to be proud of and i look around and see by the ammount (not too many, mommy says!) of toys, by the growing complexity in those same toys, by the clothes that are already too small, by those that are still too big, and by the way their room is used, i can lose myself in tears and sighs just realizing how far they’ve gone already and how much it has changed me.
and still… i wonder in shock how for some people i know, their children have stopped surprising them, how they’ve “decided” to ignore how much they’ve grown, how far they’ve “travelled” and how much they have learned.
it seems to me, some have stopped looking around them.
some, have stopped wanting to know, to know about their children, in a way about themselves.

i get it… young adults are boring sometimes, babies are so much more fun to watch, but young adults were once babies too, their babies, and need those older to look at them as yound adults starting off but also need those baby awwing eyes too and i just wonder when that awww look stopped watching me?
…as i pray at night quietly for their wellbeing and health and cuteness to go on forever, i pray too that i never lose that aww look and no matter how embarassed they’ll get, and how much rolling eyes i’ll receive that i never, even for a second forget that the future yound adults were once my babies and need that amazed search in my eyes.


detail #045

it’s our latest toy, mostly for us who push it around proudly around town!!!!

stroller for two . carrinho para dois


detail #044

the most important part of having twins that sleep all night… is that mommy and daddy do too!

good things

i absolutely love buying things online, not so much shopping online but finding cute things that are mostly handmade and try to find an excuse to buy them. most things i can’t find a use for, but sometimes there happens to be a moment when i just can’t resist…

for a long time i’ve been following PISTACHIO’S shop/blog and i always wondered and hope that soon would arrive the moment i’d write her an email ordering something from it. i have too many notebooks to fill so those weren’t an option, cooking/recipe books weren’t an option either because i’ve promised a belgian girl i’d do one myself and she’d make the photos so that’s a personal project of ours, agendas are simply ridiculous ofr me because i always fill them in and then loose them… one day i’ll find them all, but until then i don’t see the point in having any more… but photos albuns… those… those are very important to me. usually i make my own, buy a nice book, print small version of the photos i love and glue them without any comments and wait for a cold sunday to sit with them all around me and “read”… all the pictures i print have a story of their own… and so albuns are MY story.

and Rita Leal is a sort of a storyteller. she gives you the canvas, almost white canvas, but that will receive a special and unique story of whoever uses it… this time she made a special canvas for me… for them, for my boys…

Rita was a delight to “work” with, she has patience which is definetely a virtue and i apologize for all the emails about fabric, colors and all the details i asked for. she has lovely designs so i wanted her to do those, but i wanted to be able to chose something. i chose the fabric and asked for something cute… she made it happen and become real.

thank you. now it’s up to me to tell their story and mine. these albums will be their first, hopefully i can fit the million photos of their 6months, one for each, and later will ask for another one and i know it will go on, it’s a life in progress and i know just who’ll help me register it. thank you rita!

i’m using her own photos because they’re better than mine and besides… these were the images i got when she wrote me saying “they’re done! tell me what you think”

detail #043

…7 months it took me to let my hair down, go to the hairdresser, do my nails.

painted them purple to remind me it’s still possible!

detail #042

menu for week 1 and 2 :



apple.pear (the best)

carrot.potato.pumpkin (the worst)

banana / papaya

carrot.pumpkin.sweet potato


from “1,2,3, uma colher de cada vez…”

detail #041

…this day will always be important to me… the day the doctor said “you’re having twins”

the day i cried, panicked… and relaxed at the idea of having both of you soon in my arms, the day i realized there must be something special about me, about us… the day i knew i’d have boys.