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inhaca island #001

it took us exactly one day to get to Inhaca and all it takes is 32kms of a boat trip. thursday we woke up at 6a.m. ready to get to the boat when rain started pouring down like mad. there was wind everywhere and the grayest sky in a while… we called, confirmed that the boat and the airplane wouldn’t leave Maputo no matter if St.Peter himself told it to, went back to bed and slept the dissapointment away.

my uncle was in town, having flown the thursday morning flight from Lisbon and we had lunch and exchanged some gifts from home, such as european cheese (aldo was smiling the whole day just because cheese is something rare in our fridge these day… can’t get good cheese anywhere, except if you want to spend your salary on it), a new dining table towel, new underwear for both (yuppie) and a “get-thin-suit” of course from my mother!! anyway… … … it was nice seeing family again even if it was just for a lunch hour… he had flown 10hours, he drives the plane himself!!! so i understand when he says he’s tired and needs to sleep.

we waited the rest of the day for news about the boat. but nothing happened. the weather was awful.

so we woke up friday again at 6a.m., got ready and called the boatman, he said “we’re leaving, the sun is out” and we called Mr.Joaquim for a taxi and left. one hour and a half later we “landed” on a beautiful island. greener than i ever imagined and calm just like a holiday should be.










it’s never enough, 3 days of sun, it should always be more, but we know we’ll be back because unless it rains, it only takes 90minutes to get here from our house in Maputo. on sunny days and clear skies we can see this island of Inhaca from there, from the beaches of Maputo and it feels so close. we’ll be back because we were only able to visit the Ilha dos Portugueses – Island of the Portughese just five minutes of a boat ride from our cabin where we stayed, deserted and hauntingly beautiful. apparently, and i still have to confirm it, this island was used to take bad portughese people (as if there were any… pfff) and kill them there. that’s one story, but i’ve heard others, like how it used to be the island where they would isolate people with lepra and let them stay there forever. anyway, there’s something empty and haunting about it, and you can feel how empty it is.

the point of Santa Maria, on the opposite side of the main island is also supposed to be astonishing. but the clouds stopped us from going sunday morning, we wanted to so some snorkling to the the so called amazing corals that are 30meters below water, which can make any coral envious. i guess another time. like i said, it takes only 90min and a bit of patience with the weather. maybe next summer, since autumn is just around the corner too.

may it be very clear that we did not go to this romantic getaway for valentine’s day. that day does not exists for us and apparently we have had to explain that we don’t believe in stupid days. we do believe however in… oh you’ll see


if anyone needs us

finally we’ll be in Inhaca Island for the next three days. just a small island across the Maputo bay…

nope, we won’t be celebrating valentines’ day because it’s a ridiculous day, we’ll be enjoying warm sun and beautiful beaches. we will also be thinking of course of the fact that we’ve been living together for 5 years… i guess we have lots to look back onto and so much more to look forward to. see you soon.