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may thirty first two thousand and ten

on this day… we were born.

you as my children.

me as a mother and him as your daddy.


last belly moments at bica

36 weeks

2 babies with 2kg and 300gr… … …each!

1 dad on his way

1 CTG with no signs of premature labor

and one giant belly to justify my lack of sleep…

34 weeks

a belly that seems to grow with every breath

and Pope Benedict XVI in town.

mila and me

ladies in pink

thank you mommy heleen for the wonderful pictures and so many memories for me to remember when there is so much happening around me. may my babies get to meet you soon.

33 weeks

…and many more questions on my mind…

mother’s day

this may well be my last non mother’s day…

and to all mothers, specially to mine… thank you