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< Location: Maputo . Moçambique . Africa . 25°55′S-32°34′E . GMT +2 
Name: KU-VA . a word that has different meanings in some of the different languages that are spoken in the southern part of Moçambique. In all of them KU-VA is a verb and it’s composed by the prefix KU, which indicates the infinte form of the verb, and the verb itself VA which defines a different action depending by the language. In the Tsonga language (spoken by 1.300.000 people in the southern Limpopo province) means TO BE, while in Swati (spoken by a smaller comunity near the Swaziland border) means TO UNDERSTAND 

What: almost an office, now free from professional boundaries became just a box. But this is a special box, because if you put something in it, when you want to take it back you will get something different. Things change in the box, there are processes going on in there, like in every dynamic entity. The input is the world, the process is multiple going from perception to creation, from experience to interpretation. What you get at the end nobody can tell, and that’s the best part of it. 

Aim: inform . tell . join . comunicate . spread . contain . share . learn . create . perceive . stimulate . collect . show . analize . discover … >

where aldo and his way of seeing the world can conquer you. where every creation in this city will show itself through his eyes.