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detail #030

27 weeks and i have officially given up on cutting my toe nails! let them grow… as my belly.


detail #029

26 weeks

detail #028

25 weeks and feeling their hiccups!

subliminal messages in maputo

it’s true that the Portuguese Prime-Minister was in town for a short visit, and yes it’s true that the city of Maputo repaved some of it’s streets with actually asphalt and not only dirt, of course those being the streets where the portuguese prime minister and it’s convoy of 60 people, which included fado singers, artists, ministers, architects and presidential candidates, were to pass through, otherwise why bother!?!

it is also true that the Portuguese Community seemed excited about something that was about to happen around here, and i don’t mean the fact that this community  is all part of the portuguese socialist party, but because we all got an email saying how special we were and if we were fast enough and ran to the Consulate, ironically on the Mao Tse Tung Avenue, and showed our portuguese passports we could get an invitation to a very selective lunch with Mr.Prime minister. well, let it be know that i ran as quickly as i could from the bush where i work to the consulate and got my inviation, my other-half can’t because he’s italian, and wrote my own name on the front of the envelope in case it would be stolen. it didn’t…

but anyway, i’m going off track right now. what i wanted to let you know is that maybe we, the portuguese still have a lot of power around here. ok so we’re not building their new stadium, the chinese are, which means that it will collapse in a few years… before Mozambique ever gets to be in a world football championship, but anyway, we’re not doing major visible and gigantic things. our power is a soft power, as my friend alberto would say. we are everywhere without being everywhere.

first we have the power to, with just one 3 day visit of a minister, get streets paved (let me tell you it’s a miracle!), have the consulate in a frenzy of work and actually work, and most importantly we have the power to paint buildings (which is another miracle!) you may think this is just a small detail, but believe me when i tell you, it is NOT! besides being the Portuguese Embassy the building on the photo, kindly given by Alberto too, it is situated at the end of the largest avenue in Maputo, there is no missing it and there is not way you can look away… it is massive and wide and PINK!

if you have never been to Lisbon you will never really understand this color, it is one of the most used colors in my city, i like it but i never really gave it credit and never understood why it is used… being from a city that is 500 years old you tend to dismiss lots of things. but here, in this “neck of the woods” or plainly Maputo it is smething you ask about, why? why would we have used this color? the scale is so different from any Lisbon building, it is not a historical building, not even designed by anyone famous, why would such a strong color be used… why not just repaint the old dirty white effect it had before, without the dirt? well, well, well… if you have questions like these, and i’m sure you do, it’s not just me going a bit wierd on my month nº6 of being pregnant, all you have to do is ask Alberto, and he will ask, and he will find out… and he did.

the secret is all in the name of the color itself… call it obvious, i call it slightly subliminal, but the color is not just pink, it’s ROSA COLONIAL MANUELINO, which translated is MANUELINE COLONIAL PINK… if you have no idea of what Manueline means, google it, but most importantly is that you stick to the Colonial word.

you can call it what you want, but i still think it’s definitely soft power!

details #027

24 weeks