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three zero years old

“a big kiss from who 30 years ago saw you come to this world at the Alfredo da Costa Maternity, cute, tiny, red and with so much hair…” daddy

it’s so nice to feel little even when you turn 30. daddy knows best.

i remember the day i turned 10 and he said to me that i was such a big girl because i had completed two whole hands of fingers in years… i panicked too, i had to start counting my toes until i was twenty… and then what? now it doesn’t matter… i have him to make me feel like his baby and start all over again.



miss belgium,

i left antwerp 6 months ago.

maybe that’s why i sang happy birthday to you a day earlier… my instinct told me that if i just sang it earlier i wouldn’t have to realize it’s been 6 months already. so there was actually an excuse. it’s still a bit strange to think it’s been so long, maybe because we “talk” everyday on facebook, or because i call you so often still or because you read my blog or because i miss rosie and can’t wait for her “one minute” movies, which by the way have been lacking lately.

it’s not the first time i write you a letter, note or blog post, and it’s true when they say it gets easier with time. i have pratically said anything and everything to you. we have been through a lot, mostly you really, ’cause having a baby will always seem so much more then moving to africa! ;) and we’ve had such amazing moments and we are still amazed of how much friends we became in these years. but then again, it’s no surprise. like someone once said to me “andrea, you’re right, Greet is wonderful!”

see, i’ve told the world. it started with dutch lessons and it finishes… pfff this will never be over!  unless you start beating me on every single game facebook has to offer i swear i’ll always be here.

we’ll always have “witzli putzly” and “caffenation”.

thank you for living this with me and for helping me get through and enjoy so much of this life. most importantly remember, i’m the apple crumble lady and there will always be a empty chair waiting for me! no one with three apples gets to substitute me!!! eheheheh

i made brownie cookies with a thick cream dip for your birthday… i had a number 3 candle but not a number 1, so you’re 3 years old.


p.s. – i kept trying to get the kids at the orphanage to sing to you but we had a crying crisis after all of these smiles!!


p.s.s. – like i had said we did go to the beach after the orphanage and just like you imagined probably it was amazing! :) you have rosie i have this!

here, and there soon, miss portugal

18.02.2009 II


we have found the perfect gift for you!!!!!

18.02.2009 I

inês, you were born 15 years ago and just like that i became a godmother. 

i have watched you grow through these years, close and sometimes far, now even from very far away, and i am always amazed by how much we are alike. ok, so you’re a much better student than i was at your age, but that’s a different story, what i mean is it sometimes creeps me out how you talk, and move your hands and laugh, just like me. but mostly i am so proud of what you have become. intelligent (this part has nothing to do with me, maybe with filipa, but surely not with me), beautiful (of course… me!), kind, thoughtful, cute (me) and so much more… and so many other things that you’ll achieve in your years to come. 15 years old!

i was 14 when you were born, and i had arm cramps every time i held you in those first few months, but it was such a wonderful feeling to know that on february 18 1994 i became important for someone who could depend on me.

be yourself. we’ve got so much to do still, i promise i’ll always be here for you.

29.01.2009 III

rosie was born a year ago. exactly twelve months of a beautiful life. 

on that first moment that i saw her i knew, this is the moment i realized i would be connected to belgium forever to greet and kris and to everything in antwerp. she represents to me happiness, a life filled with love, smiles and friendship. rosie is growing up beautifully, full of life. her one minute movies made by her mommy for me keep me laughing, and looking forward to her next “new thing”. 

she plays keekaboe, she stands up by herself, she claps he hands, she can eat a whole pear by herself and i am sure by now she can say “andrea” together with words like mama! i have heard her “talk”, i have heard her laugh and play. i have heard her stories from her mother, i have missed her dearly. 

i haven’t held her in my arms for 5 months and last time i did was on a very sad day, the day i said goodbye to everything i had and to everyone i loved in her city. i miss her sweet smell of cookies, that is why she’ll always be COOKIE ROSIE.  12 months of you

29.01.2009 II

sofie, i haven’t forgotten you, i have tried to call you this morning but apparently you were sleeping because that voice was way to deep for someone who should be up and about enjoying her birthday!!! 

have a wonderful day today and i promise before the day is over i’ll call you, you know i will. 

my gift to you is a koffie verkeerd on me, i’ll pay when you get here!!!! come and visit ’cause we miss you! wish i could be there… and hope you day ends surrounded by friends!

29.01.2009 I

bart mermans… you promised to come to visit us on this day two years from now. so i’ll hold you onto that promise and i’ll se ya when you’re 32, if i don’t come to belgium first! happy birthday my dearest bart, i hope you have the time of your life!