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the child within

again i will tell you how much i adore children… all of them no matter age, color, height, chubbiness, nationality, screaming aptitude or mood. i am all for it. and because of this love i have been babysitting since almost forever, seeing that i am getting old. one thing i have always done while babysitting is tell stories.

i love taking children’s minds to wonder within their own imagination and throughout my world, the way the adults in my life had done for me, taking me with them on their journeys.

and this is why, when on a chilly night, while the city of Maputo went out to see the movie “HOME” at the Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano and we sat next to a girl, who looked exactly like my friend Joana Azevedo, we imediately liked her. she’s an architect who happens to write children’s books and illustrates them, being the artist that margaridabotelho  is.





we even went to a conference she gave at the Mozambican Writer’s Association, and saw her amazing work. she’s coming with us to the orphanage next weekend. we hope we never let her go!



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there are african stories too good to pass