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this means we’re in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN SOUTH AFRICA 2010!!!!

funny enough, after one year waiting for this moment, to be able to be so close to actually seeing the effect of a WC, i’ll probably be in Lisbon when PORTUGAL wins the final. why? well, i’ll tell you as soon as i finish my reportage on my south african trip by car… which i apologize it’s taking so long… but i like lingering on it.

anyway, just to tell you, WE’RE ALMOST WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!




it was an amazing surprise to see for the first time, even if it was on tv and with a very lousy report, to MAMBAS, the Mozambican Soccer Team. they played extraordinaryly and eventhough the match was 0-0 i was very proud of them.
we’ll watch them again, maybe next time we’ll go to the stadium, being it is only ~5kms away from home!

as for the Portugal team, the match with Sweden was 0-0 too, but with thiese guys, SHAME ON YOU!!! ;)

…i still have to think how i’m looking to the Italy matches, they’re up on their team so i guess that in case MOZ and POR don’t make i’ll always have ITA… ok maybe also BEL but i sort of doubt it… lol