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day one…

day one of this blog is the first of october, not by accident. it’s his birthday, Aldo’s birthday, he’s 29… the love of my life is already 29! and as much as he’s like to say “so are you”, i still have a couple of months to wait. but for the first time since we’ve started dating i’m not with him on his birthday… and i have never missed him as much as today.

it’s also day one of this blog because we have each 15 days left of this waiting moment before we fly away… to africa.

this blog will be mostly mine, anyone is welcome to write something, all comments are valid, but mostly it’s my way of keeping all of you, the ones important in my life close to me… i will take you with me and this is my way of letting you know how important you are to me. why a blog? well, Antwerp had a blog, and i would like Maputo to have one too, maybe it’s a sign that things will be wonderful in the end.

welcome… welcome to my life

(happy birthday also to our little niece Maddalena who is 2 today, just like her uncle. we love you and wish you all the best… you’ birthday present will be sent to you shortly!)