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visitors to a new world

my sister filipa, and ana our childhood friend, who i adopted as a cousin when i was 5, came to visit me. 3 weeks where i will be able to show some of the aspects of this country that make me astonished, some of the ones that make me so wierdly angry and of ocurse the ones that are part of my parents lives. it’s easier being here in Maputo to show places related to my father, or to the life of our parents when they were already together in university, going up north to my mother’s land is not a possibility… eventhough we i know she’s simply love it, filipa.

they came with convictions, pre-fabricated ideas of what africa could be, of what mozambique would be like, just like i did one year ago, it makes so much sense to have created images of a far away past about this place that i wasn’t surprised when they were positively or negatively surprised. it’s funny to be the one to teach them how it works instead of our parents. it’s nice to feel that still at 28 i’m still teaching something to these “little girls” and this time it’s important!

i couldn’t resist, they arrived saturday hungry and sleepy, so sunday i drove them to Umbeluzi where my father grew up, where again like last year i told you about how he used to go to the city by helicopter because it would rain so much they could walk or drive, where there was no light after 7pm or something like and where he used to ride his bicycle on his varanda on rainy days! and just like her big sister, she loved it. it’s a great feeling to imagine your father as a child and understand finally how happy he was here.



got to love it!




it’s so nice to see them so much older and still have they’re child smile on. they still laugh together like when they were kids


last year i tried by myself and it was obviously ridiculously big… with the three of us, it still looks too big to handle


this man asked for a picture, started unbuttoning his jacket and did this little number… no comment


can you see it? come on, it’s looking right at you!!!


raquel is the only one missing, ana’s little sister would have made this picture perfect!



noone would ever have imagined




it’s all good with us these days. they are enjoying it and now after this they’ll head off to INHACA for 3 days and aldo and i will work until we drop… then it will be MY special day.


after so long

today, 11th of october, i was bale to spend my sister’s birthday with her… last time i did this she was 19… now she’s all grown up and she’s 26. these kids now a days, grow up so fast!!!!

parabéns maninha!