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products that work 002

i have a long list of products that work, starting from the newborn stage uç until the 8 months period, which i’m living in now, but i have GOT to show you this! FOOFEEDERS!!!

call me old, maybe you already knew of its existence, i didn’t, and i found them by a friend who lives in sidney, australia, Marta. she sent the twins via post these cool things and i’ll tell you the truth i thanked her excited out loud but i confess i8 had no idea what it was… i obviously am like a child and got excited by the nice vibrant colors (i have one for each twin and they are exactly the colors on the picture).

they were four months at the time and the box said it was for 6months and older… so i waited. at 7months i remembered to get them out of the “older presents” box and studied them, googled them and found out i was missing a great oportunity to give my boys fruit, vegetables, bread and cookies without them chocking!!!

they love it!!! and everyday for desert at lunch time they each CHUNKS of fruit in two seconds! they hold it with their lives and really enjoy it. they smile and laugh until the piece of fruit is gone… it is a great experience. they of course drool a lot and you have to make sure there are washable cloths close by, and their clothes go straight to the washer afterwards, but believe me, they get healthy by themselves this way.

it works! it’s a good thing! and it gives me a great pleasure to see them chew things. it’s great for their gums and for their teeth tips that we are anxiously hoping turn into real teeth soon!!!!



detail #042

menu for week 1 and 2 :



apple.pear (the best)

carrot.potato.pumpkin (the worst)

banana / papaya

carrot.pumpkin.sweet potato


from “1,2,3, uma colher de cada vez…”

detail #040

at 12:30 on november 2nd of 2010, my cute, cuddly, milk-drinking-only baby boys had their first taste of CARROTS!