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products that work 004

who knew i’d love this little thing so much? or hate it as much too?

i cut my babies nails sicne the day they were born… tried too. someone gave me a SAFETY kit with lots of gadgets for personal care for babies. one of them being a pair of scissors, and a nail cutter. i tried the scissors… never again. i hated them. the nails were so soft i thought it’d be a piece of cake, but nooooo the scissors just bent them as paper, as if it had absolutely no intentio in cutting them off, as if it wasn’t even supposed to do that.

so i tried the nail cutter… and voilá. it’s perfect. snap, snip, snip and off they go. from the start.

but are baby naisl supposed to really grow this fast? do i really have to cut them every single week? if i don’t they wake up with scratches on their faces… and it saddeens me to see it, but i never htought i’d develop this abbility to manicure as perfect as i have… will it go on for much longer… i mean the gadget works, but i’d like to not see it so much.

it works!


products that work 003

probably the product i used the least and liked the better!

my sister thought that IF i was able to breastfeed twins i’d need one of these and she was right, the only problem was the fact that my boys breastfed one after the other, 20 minutes precisely and that meant that i had absolutely no time to keep them in this beautiful pillow for very long… unless it was the second to be fed. the first onw has his 20 min and then “off you go”

it so happens that i was in lisbon using this soft gadget and i stayed for 2months using it as much as i could, though the three feed each during the night i didn’t really bother using it, i felt pretty bad leaving it behind when we left for mozambique. 5 months later i stopped breastfeeding and realized my arm has a muscle the size of a truck and no use for it, i could’ve saved myselfd a bit of arm pain if it was for that pillow.

i think it works. it helps greatly and it gives any mother comfort. it keeps your baby very close to you and it’s amazing to be able to caress him while feeding him enjoying the non back and arm pain. if your babies are heavy the better!

i give it the thumbs up. i’ve already let my sister know that whoever she knows is pregnant can use it when the baby arrives. it gives them a bit of cuddling too.

products that work 002

i have a long list of products that work, starting from the newborn stage uç until the 8 months period, which i’m living in now, but i have GOT to show you this! FOOFEEDERS!!!

call me old, maybe you already knew of its existence, i didn’t, and i found them by a friend who lives in sidney, australia, Marta. she sent the twins via post these cool things and i’ll tell you the truth i thanked her excited out loud but i confess i8 had no idea what it was… i obviously am like a child and got excited by the nice vibrant colors (i have one for each twin and they are exactly the colors on the picture).

they were four months at the time and the box said it was for 6months and older… so i waited. at 7months i remembered to get them out of the “older presents” box and studied them, googled them and found out i was missing a great oportunity to give my boys fruit, vegetables, bread and cookies without them chocking!!!

they love it!!! and everyday for desert at lunch time they each CHUNKS of fruit in two seconds! they hold it with their lives and really enjoy it. they smile and laugh until the piece of fruit is gone… it is a great experience. they of course drool a lot and you have to make sure there are washable cloths close by, and their clothes go straight to the washer afterwards, but believe me, they get healthy by themselves this way.

it works! it’s a good thing! and it gives me a great pleasure to see them chew things. it’s great for their gums and for their teeth tips that we are anxiously hoping turn into real teeth soon!!!!


products that work 001

nipple protectors

i know, it’s funny to open a blog and have nipple protectors as a welcome image, but i assure you, you have to read this or at least pretend. i found this product on an AVENT catalog, while i was 7months pregnant and wondering how the heck was i supposed to nurse (as americans like to say. breastfeeding for us other normal human beings) twins!

all around me people told me “breastfeeding is wonderful, but you’ll have twins so you probably won’t be able to…” or better “don’t even think about it, it hurts enough to breastfeed one, let alone two!”, or even “you’ll never have enough milk!”… or better days i’d hear “don’t even try it, because after a while you won’t have enough so at least you didn’t ruin your breasts!”… i was devastated.

i wouldn’t be able to give my own milk to my babies… i kept immagining all the disadvantages of it and felt horrible. the things you hear and read about breastfeeding makes you think babies that don’t are horrible. so… i panicked… TWO horrible babies was going to be too much for me. instead of letting the panick get out of proportion i decided to buy these NIPPLE PROTECTORS and think positive really, because ok so i was going to have twins, but who knew? i could probably nurse them for a few days have that mother/baby moment everyone talks about and then change to bottle feeding.

the moment they were born i put them to my breasts and noticed how easy it was for them to feed. they never complained and milk was slowly coming up… those first three days at the hospital i had no use for the PROTECTORS because milk isn’t so liquid so it was up to the babeis and my massages to give them enough food. it worked.

the day i left the hospital the nurse sadly looked at me and said “take this prescription for artificial milk and give it to them from the moment you get home, your milk won’t be enough”… i was devastated. on the way home i remembered the protections i had bought and how thinking positive soemtimes does work. so as soon as these babies got home i fed them. my milk had finally come up, it was liquid enough to put the protectors on and off we went. they fed for 20min each, never falling asleep, never distracting from their food and burped perfectly well. and guess what i didn’t feel any pain, nor sore feeling on my nipples afterwards.

everyday, and before every breastfeed i wondered if i had enough milk, but the other wonderful thing about the proctections is that if you have the feeling nothing comes out, juts slowly push it out of their mouths while they’re drinking and you can actually see how much milk is in it, making it very easy for you to understand the amount. it was always full to my delight. and at every feed my nipples were ok.

…the most horrible thing i heard someone tell me about these protections was that they would influence my babie’s mental development. that by using them, the baby would only get air inside, it would go up to his head and make him mentally disabled and basically not normal. i cried a lot becasue of this… i felt so annoyed and scared at the same time. i spoke to my pediatrician and she laughed, she said there was no way that could happen and i shouldn’t listen to people like that. that i should do what i felt was ok to do. whoever said those things had no idea how much that could affect MY mental health… but the person who made these comments will never understand how much it affected me and how ridiculous she is.

i never wanted to prove anyone wrong. i wanted only to give my babies the best, and if that meant breastfeeding for their first 3months for 16times a day, 8 for each baby, then that’s what i had to do. slowly at night he started giving them a bottle so i could sleep for longer hours at night, it made wonders, but my babies were having my milk for most of the day.

all this while using the AVENT protections and feeling so glad i did.

7 months i breastfed (the equivalent of 14months for one child!). 7 months i gave them what i could to make them as healthy as they could be. they have never been sick. they are very healthy. they seem normal mentally! ;) and my breast even though smaller they look ok after so much use. yes i do feel like i spent their first 7 months of life naked from the waist up, but it was all worth it and i hope that if i have any other children, hopefully just one at a time, i’ll be able to give it the same quality product too! all using something to protect myself too.

so. i reccomend it. i do. you might think it’s stupid, mothers don’t use it and are fine, sure, i know. but i didn’t want to risk having sore nipples and trying to breastfeed with a smile while crying of pain.