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may thirty first two thousand and ten

on this day… we were born.

you as my children.

me as a mother and him as your daddy.


detail #017

mother knows best!

and she apparently wants us to know that. we have received today her 3rd, yes third postcard since we’ve been here… two already in 2009. the woman is on fire! she’s definitely running for “i’ll cover your wall” challenge that i’ve just created!




i probably never told you this… but i have the most beautiful mother in the world. we have had our problems (and still do) but i hope one day i can hold her hand the same way she held her mother’s when she drew her last breath. i hope i can tell her from today whenever i talk to her how much i love her, how much i need her and how much i admire her… i know sometimes i get angry or upset, but her smell is what makes me sleep and her touch is what makes me feel safe…
mommy, we will always be here.