products that work 004

who knew i’d love this little thing so much? or hate it as much too?

i cut my babies nails sicne the day they were born… tried too. someone gave me a SAFETY kit with lots of gadgets for personal care for babies. one of them being a pair of scissors, and a nail cutter. i tried the scissors… never again. i hated them. the nails were so soft i thought it’d be a piece of cake, but nooooo the scissors just bent them as paper, as if it had absolutely no intentio in cutting them off, as if it wasn’t even supposed to do that.

so i tried the nail cutter… and voilá. it’s perfect. snap, snip, snip and off they go. from the start.

but are baby naisl supposed to really grow this fast? do i really have to cut them every single week? if i don’t they wake up with scratches on their faces… and it saddeens me to see it, but i never htought i’d develop this abbility to manicure as perfect as i have… will it go on for much longer… i mean the gadget works, but i’d like to not see it so much.

it works!


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