products that work 003

probably the product i used the least and liked the better!

my sister thought that IF i was able to breastfeed twins i’d need one of these and she was right, the only problem was the fact that my boys breastfed one after the other, 20 minutes precisely and that meant that i had absolutely no time to keep them in this beautiful pillow for very long… unless it was the second to be fed. the first onw has his 20 min and then “off you go”

it so happens that i was in lisbon using this soft gadget and i stayed for 2months using it as much as i could, though the three feed each during the night i didn’t really bother using it, i felt pretty bad leaving it behind when we left for mozambique. 5 months later i stopped breastfeeding and realized my arm has a muscle the size of a truck and no use for it, i could’ve saved myselfd a bit of arm pain if it was for that pillow.

i think it works. it helps greatly and it gives any mother comfort. it keeps your baby very close to you and it’s amazing to be able to caress him while feeding him enjoying the non back and arm pain. if your babies are heavy the better!

i give it the thumbs up. i’ve already let my sister know that whoever she knows is pregnant can use it when the baby arrives. it gives them a bit of cuddling too.



  marianamegre wrote @

Estou muito inclinada a comprar!! Andava indecisa, mas acho que vai ser muito útil!


  miss portugal wrote @

eu usei e bem! já emprestei a minha se não emprestava-te. espero que compres e partilhes a opinião! beijos p ti e para as tuas joaninhas!!

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