good things

i absolutely love buying things online, not so much shopping online but finding cute things that are mostly handmade and try to find an excuse to buy them. most things i can’t find a use for, but sometimes there happens to be a moment when i just can’t resist…

for a long time i’ve been following PISTACHIO’S shop/blog and i always wondered and hope that soon would arrive the moment i’d write her an email ordering something from it. i have too many notebooks to fill so those weren’t an option, cooking/recipe books weren’t an option either because i’ve promised a belgian girl i’d do one myself and she’d make the photos so that’s a personal project of ours, agendas are simply ridiculous ofr me because i always fill them in and then loose them… one day i’ll find them all, but until then i don’t see the point in having any more… but photos albuns… those… those are very important to me. usually i make my own, buy a nice book, print small version of the photos i love and glue them without any comments and wait for a cold sunday to sit with them all around me and “read”… all the pictures i print have a story of their own… and so albuns are MY story.

and Rita Leal is a sort of a storyteller. she gives you the canvas, almost white canvas, but that will receive a special and unique story of whoever uses it… this time she made a special canvas for me… for them, for my boys…

Rita was a delight to “work” with, she has patience which is definetely a virtue and i apologize for all the emails about fabric, colors and all the details i asked for. she has lovely designs so i wanted her to do those, but i wanted to be able to chose something. i chose the fabric and asked for something cute… she made it happen and become real.

thank you. now it’s up to me to tell their story and mine. these albums will be their first, hopefully i can fit the million photos of their 6months, one for each, and later will ask for another one and i know it will go on, it’s a life in progress and i know just who’ll help me register it. thank you rita!

i’m using her own photos because they’re better than mine and besides… these were the images i got when she wrote me saying “they’re done! tell me what you think”



  Petra wrote @

Oh my god, they are so beautiful! I Think making photo albums of your children is like showing how much you love them. I have this idea of having a notebook for each of my children and wright positive things about them from since they are babies. It will be a present for them at there 18th birthday…

It’s so nice to see how you enjoy your new life and family!


  miss portugal wrote @

my blog is their book and one they i’ll print it out for them to keep, but the photos those will be kept for me to look and enjoy them as babies forever… they will recieve it when i go and maybe keep only beautiful memories.

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