five of four

as if the fourth month wasn’t enough to get me dreaming of what they are capable of doing but the fifth month just became my second favorite! everything they had started doing at the fourth month they just made it better this month. it’s like knowing you have one moment to try new things and another to make them perfect.

my babies don’t only smile now, they laugh, they are ticklish and they love having papa bear hug them and tickle them until tears come out, i’m sure daddy loves it too, maybe too much.

they didn’t just learn to turn sideways with our help, but they actually prefer to sleep on their side and try and reach for things this way. they don’t just stare at eachother but now they actually smile and it’s funny to see F actual look M up and down as if he’s noticing something’s fishing about him, like “you look familiar”! it’s adorable to see, specially when i sing to both and turn them to eachother and notice something in their faces change.

in this fifth month we discovered the pleasure of a good bath, of a good bath with ducks in the water, with songs and smiles all the way through, they cried only when getting dressed until i understood there’s not much point in drowning them in moisturizer if it’s so hot… they hated being dressed and loved just after the bath having their diapers on… so i learned too. now they don’t cry at all unless it’s cold, but otherwise it’s all smiles and giggles! and the baths stopped being a traumatizing experience… for me.

these babies also realized that going to the doctor isn’t such a bad thing. we were used to a beautiful, nice, funny and confortable doctor in Lisbon, when we arrived here someone recomended me a pediatrician that ended up being a wierd experience… always bored and looking for a quick way to finish the appointment faster than i could undress them. the 3rd month shots were a horrible experience… and i wondered if every kid was like that and if mine were going to be this way forever… until i realized that mommies are always right when they follow their instinct. so we searched for another doctor, and man am i glad i did… the boys smile all the time when they see her, when she gives them their shots you hear nothing except baby music and they actually smile when it’s over. they still need me close to them, but i’m not scared anymore and so aren’t they. the doctor’s office looks like a baby room and makes things so easy. it’s expensive as hell, but for them this is a choice i was willing to make. and we’re happy about it, i’m sure they’ll thank me one day!!!

water was introduced in their diets because you can’t just not give water to babies in africa… it’s impossible. it’s necessary and they have learned very quickly that it’s good. with 37º they need it. i have to teach them though that it’s also good for hickups… 7 sips and their gone… try telling that to a baby!!!

still haven’t tried the beach becasue the weather scares me, but we’ve put on hats, and walked along the river up north… i have a feeling that next month is the month we’ll dip their feet in the indian ocean and catch some of those african sun rays, this time with lots of cream, sorry boys, and finally put on those cute, tiny bathing shorts!

five months of so much… next step is food!



  São Santos wrote @

Parabéns à Mãe destes lindos babies. Este livro vai ser muito importante para os twins quando o souberem ler.
Que bonita história de AMOR!
Beijinhos para os 4
Tia São

  São Santos wrote @

Esqueci-me de dizer que eles estão tão lindos!!!

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