in love with the post office

who doesn’t get happy when a package arrives? i always do… packages are so rare these days… letters probably even more, thankfully postcards still arrive often.

packages make me smile.

no matter if you know who sent it, and what they sent before hand, there is always a moment of anticipation those five minutes before you open it, while you search for a knife or scissors or just before you decide to rip the box apart. as soon as you look in it it’s xmas all over again from the time you were 5 years old. this time it was no different.

i thought a small box would arrive from Italy with a few of my nieces’ baby clothes inside. i thought i’d be happy but not emotional.

i flipped the cover open of a much bigger box and noticed a piece of paper and a teddy bear… it said with my “mother-in-law’s” handwriting “this was aldo’s favorite toy. he received it as present on the day he was born”

just then tears fell down and i called him, he was also touched by his mother’s gesture and loved the fact that his babies get to meet Chicco, that’s his name.

my babies are loved, and will love their dad’s favorite toy too.



  maddy wrote @

I can think only “so sweet and tender” :)
che sorpresa!

  greet wrote @

indeed, a very very sweet gesture…

  miss portugal wrote @

indeed it was.
nothing like a bit of history to start a whole new one!

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