32 weeks

this means that from this moment on anhything can happen. i don’t want it to… but anything can.

my twins daddy is arriving in exactly one month, more precisely four weeks and it means that these babies have to hold on until then to even think of coming out of me. …but i confess… i really, really want to meet them NOW!

their kicks are getting so strong to the point of waking me up in the middle of the night and of course, i’m getting used to the long nights and long moments in the dark with no sleep. maybe this is nature’s way of making mom’s get ready for those long nights between breats, cries and diapers… my babies have decided that i need at least one month to prepare… for double breast feeding. double diapers and hopefully double but one cry at a time. please spare me.

the energy i felt when i arrived is still very much with me and noone stops me from driving, walking, riding the tram up and down Lisbon hills and i am very proud to say that i have been very well, healthily and phisically. at our last appointment this little trio of people was told by a very enthusiastic doctor that we were great! they are now hard to measure lengthwise but they are now 1kg and 750g each!!!! one is turned upside down, ready to fly out and the other is patiently keeping his head in between my ribs declaring strike against gravity. they are very zen, ying and yang at this moment.

to keep me from stopping and to keep me busy people around me have done their best to keep my busy and who knows how to do that constantly is my father, grandaddy to be, he keeps me busy even on sunday mornings. so, even though i promised Aldo i’d wait for him to see it for ths first time, we decided to check it out first ourselves. the new museum in Cascais. i’m not a big fan of Paula Rego, i need more background to understand her, but the space is very nice and architecturally i was very impressed.

and of course, mommy and babies enjoyed an amazing sunny day by the sea side, amongst art and architecture.

with 32 weeks things change though, i’m doing very well but i feel tired earlier… by the time i sit for my 6 o’clock tea (yes i take it at 6pm) i feel my legs begging for a rest and my eyes asking for a nap. if i don’t stop for tea i’ll keep going but i’ll have two babies bumping harder and harder for some rest.

and i give in… for now children.

nonetheless i am enjoying my quiet appartment and still fit to climb hills around town.

now i dream more and more of the moment of their birth, panic because i have no names decided yet and imagine they’ll be called twin A and B for a while… daddy Aldo says we have time… (don’t tell him, but if he saw my belly now he’d definitely think we need names ASAP!!!!).


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  São Santos wrote @

Força querida

Já não falta muito para conheceres os fofos que carregas à 8 meses. Eles de certeza que vão saber esperar pelo Pai Aldo.

Continua activa que só vos faz bem.
Tia São

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