lisbon blue

it’s been a while, precisely two weeks since i have said anything on this little blog of mine. i arrived in lisbon on the 28th of march after a ten hour flight which included everything from a whole lot of turbulence, lots of  camomile teas brought by very concerned hostess’, too many movies to watch, a business class bed including a divine dinner with chocolate brownie and of course, lots of trust on the man holding the wheel… ah also the fact that i walked all over the plane to keep my feet from bursting helped!

landing was what it always is when i land in this city, it is overwhelming, there is a part of my heart that wants to just fly over it forever, watch it live, and gets excited with the amount of colors, and water around this magnificent view, another part of me wants the airplane to just fall and land and let me breath that pure air, feel the groung beneath me and enjoy that spring weather lisbon is so willing to give it’s visitors.

and i was right… i had been afraid of the temperature shock i’d go through from the 36 degrees in Maputo to the 15 degrees in Lisbon, and it did feel cold once my foot hit the runway, but i was wearing a tshrit and feeling it made me feel so alive, almost as if i had woken up from an outside body experience… and there is was, the lisbon blue, that color that makes this city so unique. there is definitely no blue in the world like the lisbon blue.

temperature had risen to 19 degrees and to me it felt like spring… there is no spring in Maputo, so you can imagine how happy i was to feel this breeze from my beautiful atlantic ocean.

that day my little babies experienced lots of new things through me. not only the temperature, but they felt so many different hands cuddling them, talking to them and bursting of love for them. they met the family and mommy’s best friends, they heard compliments to mommy’s adorable belly and they ate lots of mommy’s favorite foods, they saw the mountain of gifts i received for them and they slept on mommy’s “baby” bed… it was a very nice welcome home day.

…and from that moment on… there was no stopping the three of us, for that first week was full of gifts, lunches, dinners, movies, gossip nights, baby hipnosis with Diogo (who has been declared by me to be the most adorable and most beautiful baby boy i have ever seen…), news from belgium of another beautiful baby girl Annie (who i desperately want to hold), more news of babies to come, trips up to the mountains (where i have realized there is no point in going if temperatures are going to still be below zero… let’s stick to Lisbon for a while longer), another thousand hands cuddling my belly, doctor appointments, and gosh knows what else… we were swamped with amazing things happening around us, such a rollercoaster of feelings most of it so great… but Aldo is still in Maputo, so at the end of the day, when we settle down and hear music to fall asleep there is no denying it, we miss him, the three of us…

we talk everyday, through email or phone and i know he misses us too. but this is good. i needed this continuous adoration!! ;) who doesn’t really? after one year and a half everyone needs to be held tight, done things for and more importantly i am loving this heap of compliments i’ve been getting all the time. people are not just saying i look good, but that i look beautiful, not just that the belly is nice but that it suits me perfectly. my babies are loved. i am loved. and i can’t wait to see them.

he will arrive soon and until then i want to exeprience as much as i can handle and enjoy this energy that this city has given to me after so long of feeling tired. i want my babies to heard its sounds, see its colors and feel its movements through me. this energy comes from the love i have for this place. it’s that powerful, this lisbon blue.



  São Santos wrote @

Que bom sentir-te FELIZ entre nós.
Nós também estamos a amar ter-te mais perto, para sempre que possível dar-te um abraço ou um beijinho.

Fica bem querida mamã.
Tia São

  irene wrote @

cara andrea,
come ogni tuo post questo è pura poesia… i brividi mi son venuti…. :)

non vedo l’ora di arrivare a lisbona e abbracciare tutti voi 4 …. O_o … ammazza crescete di numero esponenzialmente!!! ehehehehehe
un abbraccio forte forte a voi tre intanto!

  miss portugal wrote @

são, lisboa tem sempre este efeito em mim!

irene, scrivere queste cose é per me come viverle. io sto bene, tranquila, piena di energia, ma mi manca lui. so che peró questo azurro di lisbona mi aiuta in tutti i sensi, e loro… loro si muovonno tutto il giorno. stiamo bene. aspettando lui ma vivendo tutto in pieno.

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