4931kms #005

waking up on day 5 of this long trip was a challenge, it was our last day in Cape Town, tomorrow we were already heading east already on our way back “home”. there was only one things that was important at this moemnt for the fours of us… Table Mountain. i was almost going crazy thinking we could probably start our way back to Maputo without seeing the symbol of Cape Town, it just wasn’t a possibility for me.

and indeed on that morning the first thing i did was look out the window and contrary to the days before i didn’t have to search for the mountain, it was literally there. tall, big, huge, really flat on top, as if a wall of rock was put in front of our room while we were sleeping, and it was absolutely amazing.

after getting over the shock of this big gigantic mountain and appreciating the sight of it, each of us headed different ways to explore. i headed first to a shoe store and bought myself a pair of red allstars after 15 years. yes red. a girl needs a red pair of shoes! after that, aldo and i explored the city gardens, Company’s Gardens, and were amazed by the green, the landscape and the almost New York feel of it all. of course, New York doesn’t have the magnitude of this mountain behing it’s gardens and secret stops. but this part of town, in a town where you cannot identify a city centre, felt very cosy, very beautiful and romantic, this coming from someone who is definitely not romantic…

aldo always finds friends.

if you take out the mountain and look carefully, as eclectic as it may seem, Cape Town has a great diversity in architecture, it is considered a very good place to study it and i have two bosses who can testify for it, but it’s really interesting to walk around and explore these little details all over town.

just a small detail too, the best indian food i’ve ever had, i’m hoping better than this only in india. i could definitely live on NAAN bread forever.

Cape Town, even without a city centre has one of the features i love most about visiting new cities, it has different style quarters. I’m from Lisbon and I absolutely love how even within the same cities you have different atmospheres depending on how old and who first inhabited certain areas of town. Bo Kaap isn’t any different, being for me the best part of CT. I love eclectic neighborhoods and Bo Kaap being originally created by the Malay imigrants who first came to CT, is a vibrant and noisy part of town. Of course it lacks in cafés, and restaurants, nothing like europeans to make places like these full of life, but here life exists probably in it most original and truthful way. it just is.

Houses are all colourful and some of them very vibrant. There are children everywhere, but because it is a muslim quarter it tends, strangely, becasue in other towns that i’ve been too it’s the noisiest of them all, to be very quiet. almost… silent. you see people but they don’t see you. i guess in a way it keeps it real, they live there it’s there part of town, maybe it makes sense. eventhough i’d love to have had a narguilé right then and there… but i couldn’t even find water. anyway. just look at the views.

after Bo Kaap, what else in CT makes you aww… the skyline right above.

and the famous WATERFRONT. while i went in search of muffin pads and chocolate chip cookies and cappuccino and presents for my girls up in antwerp, the boys decided to take it easy… also thinking of antwerp.

all it needed this day was dinner with uncle Xico and cousin Alec.

alberto was there too…


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