4931kms #004

as a portuguese child, all through primary and middle school, and more if you don’t study architecture, i got to study and hear the stories about the Discoveries. as a portuguese child you will be taught that WE, the great Lusitanian people, the Portuguese discovered the world…






yes, this is a ostrich family, at the beach… awwww… i know, so cute.








padrão dos descobrimentos. google it and find an image.


adamastor. google it.




strangers at the site.


yes, looking at it now, written here on this silly blog on this vast internet, it looks and sounds kind of sad, but you have to imagine it through the eyes of a child… and what a child! ME. i, who are nicknamed by many as Miss Portugal, to others just bicuka, anyway, i with this marvelous last name of a few, grew up trying to honour always this thought… WE discovered the world.

one of the many things WE did, and yes i have dreamed many times i was on those ships, on those magnificent journeys aroung the globe, was indeed circle the world, or just as a first attempt, go to India around Africa. on this journey the ships fought furiously against tempests around the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas where both, and so different, oceans, Atlantic and Indian collide… and yes, they do collide. It is impressive to see how thin the line is between them and yet so strong. They survived and with that I learned one of the most amazing adventurous stories about the old world. How we circled Africa.

Throughout my family’s life, circling Africa was always a part of it, my greatgrandparents went to Mozambique for the first time through the Cape of Good Hope by ship and my grandmother still was able to do that trip whilst a young umarried woman, it took forever of course but I’d love to have done it at the time.

Now we arrived in 2days, with a car and from land instead of by sea. I’m sure it’s different, but I’m also sure the magnitude and the importance of that place to me was still as big as it was for them. Beyond there is nothing. Beyond there is just your echo… and your imagination.

We as portuguese are connected to this exact spot on earth, and I testify… it is unbelievable. It is so worth the climb.








baboons, pinguins and whales in Simonstown.



  skapie wrote @

reading your words give me goosebumps. it makes me very happy to know you had a positive experience in the place i call home. now it is my turn to make the trip back to where those ships left from centuries ago… x h.

  albertocchaves wrote @

I’m the Adamastor! ;) Good idea!

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