eating out in maputo #002

GALAXY – indian restaurant  ****

 This place is definitely a place to visit, eat and laugh at the “out of this world” decoration making you understand why such a name for indian food.

Starting with the great advantages of this place, forget that food in europe they pass as Indian, forget the fancy places with tandoori chicken they pass as ethnic, this is the place for Indianfood. Quality price equation to perfection, along with the Indian food smell on your lcothes for days. This is the place to be. Food is amazingly tasty, and the prices nevers makes you sweat. The piri-piri sauce is just right even for someone like me who cannot stand spicy food, here you taste every bite, every piece of different vegetable and every spice.

And you cannot not start your meal off with a couple of Chamussas, where here they are pobably the best I’ve ever had.

But please let us not forget to introuce the restaurant itself. W have all established, except for Karen who is still a bit doubtful , that this is a great place to eat, but yes it is one of the dogiest places I know. The ceiling is painted wood, dark and about 1,50m high so you feel that you’re always being crushes to the ground, the table are always oil and th table top is glass over this pvc large mat with pictures of what your food will look like, and yes it make your apetite leave the room in a hurry. there are only 2 windows in the whole 15m long and 5m wide restaurant, are these windows have never been clean let alone opened! there is a door at the front of th restaurant, the entrance, and one at the end of the room, obviously always closed. This place has probably never felt fresh air in its existence, which in a way is perfect because I’ve heard in India its worse.

What joins it all together are the waiters. Black and so mozambican they have been taught well. They speak with an inian accent. What can I say, if you order “butter chicken” he’ll repeat it to you as “boror ticken” and you’re in india straight away, no flights needed. The fun fact of all of this is that the owners, apparently are pakistani.

So it leaves me only space for the not so high points of this indian journey. The menu! Usually in a restaurant where you know little about the food, it would be useful to have only between 10 things to chose from, but this place has about 120 dishes, not only that but the menu looks like a telephone lists, it takes you about 20minutes to refind you order in case the waiter asks to confirm it. And of course, it is written in the worst english possible and the wirdest is that being this an oficial language portuguese country you’d hope they’d give it some thought in translating things, but no. A “butter chicken” in portughese is a “bottor galinha” which makes sense because……… hmmmmm…  can’t find any. And I mean all the dishes have a translation problem, and the english could use HELP, URGENT HELP.

Of course you can always try to know the menu by heart and order by phone TAKE AWAY, they deliver it, with no spelling errors, or oily smells and of course, no indian accent on mozambican faces.

Last but not least… well, actually… i wouldn’t say not least, i’d just call it… hmmm what’s the word… HORRIBLE? WIERD? YUCK? or just WHY? The only desert you will have in this out of the world place is, now hold on to your chairs!!!! ICE CREAM WITH SPAGHETTI. And that’s not all, because… IT’S ACTUAL SPAGHETTI INSIDE TWO SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM. now, don’t you feel like joining us next time?

All’s well when you eat well, voilá!


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  Pai wrote @

Aha aha aha aha aha it smells chamussas here !

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