she’s finally here

 it was a good thing me giving Greet as a birthday present my house keys.

i sent them through Benjamin, one of the dancers we host now and again. the idea was to make the distance so much shorter… between me and greet, and it worked, because today when Karen arrived and she had those keys in her hand, after picking them up on the most peaceful street in antwerp (got it?) where the most adorable family lives, and opened our door, i realised how easy it was to be close to your dearest freinds, and how not so long ago, Rosie had given them back to me.


she didn’t really know how to do it at first, but we helped and right now she is very professional at it, got to give the girl a break! it’s indeed not easy living with us, and specially if you think you have to for the next 4 months. poor girl! ihihih

Karen has come to Maputo to work with Aldo in his office, to help out during these busy winter months, yes it’s winter. in a way she came to make us happier. we really needed familiar faces around us and with her she brought news, hugs, kisses and gossip from everyone we know back in Belgium. like i said once, at least 1% of Antwerp is here with us.

we really hope she loves her time spent here, 4 months is a long time but maybe not enough… in the mean while we hope to get to know eachother even better for her and Aldo and i will finally get an opportunity to know her a little bit. at least, i already know she likes to bake cakes and she loves apple crumble… which if you know me at all by now, you’d know i’d never live with someone who didn’t! this is enough for me.

…can’t really explain how much home it feels to have someone like her around. it all of a sudden makes things here seem easy and that leaving wasn’t so bad. of course after 9 months and 1 week i could say that myself, but just not out loud. we have finally, after my sister, someone to show around and to explain how things work, and to show that we weren’t soooo crazy to do this. maybe a little…

now, we’ll have a portuguese lesson. she has decided to learn it. poor girl… again.

maybe at least it makes me get back on my dutch.

tot ziens en veel success karen!


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