blyde river canyon #002

GOD’S WINDOW and the RESERVE was for sure amazing but we still had a few meters up to travel until we reached the top north of the CANYON.

everything seemed to change around us as we left the RESERVE and traveled north. it almost became desert like, very dry and yellowish in color. all of this to make us even more astonished about our next stop: DRIE RONDAVELS!



it just seemed to not stop surprising on every angle, wherever your turned your head it became better, or deeper, or greener, or… anything! and because of this aldo and i decided we needed (ok, so I decided, he would have rather not do it!) to take our first actual photo together… in 6 years! the idea was just to prove that we had actually been in this place.


this next photo is specially for Rosie, she’s the only one who knows KING ALDO!



see? all we had to say at this point was: WOW!



not only that but we were so high i didn’t dare stand so close to the edge. i thought i’d be safer if i crawled!!! a mix between a lioness and a scared cat!



i did stand on that pointy edge, but i didn’t like the feeling. this coming from someone who isn’t afraid of hights, just afraid of sharp rocks hanging from steep cliffs!


the idea of flying off of that cliff was although intreeging!

it tooks us a long time to part from that spot. but we had to go, there were a ocuple of things we needed to see before heading back to real life in Maputo.



on the way south again we encountered a strange scene. we passed a bridge and as i asked the camera to aldo (alberto was driving) all of a sudden this helicopter popped out of nowhere with a gigantic bucket full of water to stop a fire burning in the distance! i hope there were more of these seeing how big the fire was and how small the tiny lake where he stole the water from was.


we passed the BERLIN FALLS and yes it was very nice…


even if somehow a picture of me and my new shoes became a homicide threat!


but, you know me. there’s no city like Lisbon, so of course we saved the best for last: LISBON FALLS!!!


and may i just say, MUCH BETTER THAN BERLIN!!!!! not one, not two, but three waterfalls!! and a couple of rainbows! AH! nothing better when you miss home!




(little detail of how windy it was, the water wasn’t actually falling but flying upwards from the strong wind. of course we took a great shower just then)




after this, all there was for us to do was head home, back to Maputo. no traffic, no long lines at the border, nothing exciting. but the day had taken all our energy. worth it!



  Luis Pai wrote @

Grande aventura ! Boa ! Bjos e abraços.

  fatinha wrote @

Olá Andrea e Aldo, adorei ver essas fotos do passeio que fizeram ao “Blyde River Canyon”. Deve ser uma Reserva/Parque/Área protegida, não? Na verdade faz lembrar o Grand Canyon do Rio Colorado no Estado Nevada/USA, com as devidas diferenças, etc e tal, mas enfim…fazemos sp uma ou outra comparação, of course!
Compraste souvenires (capulanas e artesanato)?
Bjs. La Mamma Fá

  a.portugaldeveza wrote @

comprei apenas um HIPOPÓTAMO gordissimo de madeira maciça. lindo!!! ando a juntar animais para o meu ZOO pessoal! já tenho a galinha do mato, agora o hipo… ainda faltam alguns!

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