she was 3 years old…

she was HIV positive…

she used to be chubby and huggable and so funny

she was an orphan.

and she finally gave up.

her last week was spent in a hospital. refusing to eat, refusing to drink, refusing to hang on. she was sick, she was HIV positive, a disease that here in the middle of nowhere it is still to be believed as a demon that lives inside someone’s body… they get “treated” with herbs… and this little girl didn’t have a chance. she’s within the years of “normal infant death” because she’s under four… she just didn’t have a chance.

but she lived with all the others like her, with Sister Isaura, and we got a chance (ironically) to see her for 6 months, growing and giggling through her day. and then one day she suddenly had lost all appetite, all energy, her skin drying and her smile… gone. 

PIEDADE… 3 years-old… HIV positive… died last night…



  filipa wrote @

era impossível não reparar na piedade… parecia cheia de saúde com todas aquelas bochechas e barriguinha!

ninguém está preparado para ouvir que uma criança morreu… :(

  miss portugal wrote @

ninguém mesmo… ela esteve em nossa casa há um mês para ir ao “curandeiro”… parecia outra. já estava muito fraquinha…

  Greet wrote @

It’s just not fair… In the picture she looks so beautifull. I can imagine it’s hard to deal with., that still today they really believe in things as in demons. Unbelieveble…
I’m really sorry….

  miss portugal wrote @

it is true my dear greet. so unbelievable and at the same time so true to tradition. Piedade deserved more, all of them do.
i saw her one month ago, and if i only had… i could’ve done something, but she was already giving up, and i didn’t notice.
and yes, it is true, she was beautiful.

  Sara wrote @

Tive a Piedade nos meus bracos quando tinha 16 dias, fraquinha e sem sabermos se aguentaria. Depois de ser diagnosticada com SIDA mas de lutar tanto tornou-se o meu simbolo de luta da UPG, de como vale a pena o esforco. Este foi um dia triste. Mas o dia seguinte sera um de mais esforco porque as nossas criancas nao podem acabar como a Piedade. Tamos Juntos!

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