chokwe #005

it has become by now tradition almost in our weekends outside of Maputo, things happen! if we stay here in the city sometimes we have very boring moments but it has definitely been the opposite when we leave town.

this time it was in the Orphanage in Chokwe and in Bilene, can’t decide exactly where things started going wrong.

we dove to the Orphanage only to find out that Sister Isaura was in Maputo, because it was too late to go back and pick her up to give her a lift we decided to go anyway, meet the new voluntary worker sent by the IPAD and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work with the with the children at the Chaquelane Orphanage. our plan was to meet him, have lunch with him in Chokwe and then leave for Bilene Beach where the warm sand was waiting for our already too european skins, spend the night at a friend’s house, enjoy his pool a bit by night and then the next morning enjoy the beach again, have lunch and before leaving for Maputo driving to the orphanage to say hello to Sister Isaura. well… making plans is always a bit tricky around here, so we noticed.

we arrived at the orphanage to find the children happy to seee and listening to loud music dancing their little bodies away. we met Alberto from Portugal, the voluntary, and hit it off straight away, very nice and talkative and really interested in the new orphanage project. we decided to have lunch in the nearest town which is Chokwe, to let us get to know eachother a bit more and without the african rap in the background. everythng went smothly, Alberto seemed perfect for the job, he had the nice attitude, really excited but worried, like me, about all the strange little creatures this country has… while we were coming back to the orphange we saw a creature that was not so small!!! and NO… i didn’t kill it!



because staying the whole day at the orphanage on a saturday might be a bit too much, we invited Alberto to join us in Bilene for dinner and still catch a few sun rays, seeing that he had only seen Chokwe on his 4 days in Mozambique, he of course excepted it but still had to go get clothes, swim stuff, etc… so because aldo and i really really wanted to jump in the water we decided to go to Bilene by ourselves and wait for Alberto there. again… plans are stupid!

after 30minutes of waiting for Alberto in Bilene after calculating more or less when he’s arrive i started wondering… and two seconds later i get a phone call: “miss portugal, one of my tires just exploded… i’m about 5kms away from you guys!”… i can’t seem to translate the panic in his voice… but it was there. as i drove back i imagined what a traumatic experience it must be for him, in pitch black by now, not knwoing where he was and waiting for us for so long becasue he was actually 10kms away… we arrived and found him white as paint, not because he came from europe but because had we taken one minute longer, he’d have run away! aldo started helping him change the wheel, they discovered the spare wheel had exploded long ago, one guy appeared and tried to help, a second guy appeared to help the first guy, i stayed inside the car, the third guy appeared to help the second guy who was doing nothing, i locked my doors, 19:00, a fourth and fifth and sixth guy arrived to just look, a seventh guy talked somewhere in the dark, five children appeared at my window making me scream, 20:00, alberto was panicking, aldo was relaxing, an eighth guy arrived drunk as a… drunkman!, i layed down in the car and saw an amazing sky above all of us, the wheel didn’t come off to be changed, 21:00, i called my father’s friend who was lending us the house to ask what we should do, he said “get out of there!”, i yelled at alberto and aldo to get our butts moving, all the eight guys and five children asked alberto and aldo for money, i kept my doors locked, i killed a small butterfly inside my car, aldo got in the car with alberto, both cars drove 10kms for 2km/h until Bilene town and parked the disabled car. we had dinner, laughed about it. aldo and i collapsed on the bed not having seen the beach that day. Alberto didn’t sleep.



the next morning, we gave the car to a mechanic and the three of us spent two amazing, peaceful and tanning hours on the beach. aaahhhh and it felt so good. the weather was perfect and i needed that colouring.



to make sure Alberto was feeling better aldo drove back to the orphanage with him and i drove by myself again behind them hoping that nothing else would go wrong. it didn’t. we arrived and to our great joy the children were having a Sunday Dancing Party and we joined in, danced, drank and laughed with all of them. 





Alberto was still a bit in shock i’m sure and he really wanted to fly back home and i respect his feelings, but i’m sure all those smiles reassured him that this will be a great year and we are ready to help whenever he needs us. welcome to mozambique!




  fatinha wrote @

Coitado do Alberto !!!
África é misteriosa, mas a “aventura aguça o engenho”; pto, ele vai crescer e esses tempos tropicias farão dele um Homem mais maduro e diferente dos “tugas”
Wellcome to our Family !!!
La Mamma Fá

  LAPD wrote @

Quemera o amigo do pai que referes ? O Bilo ?

  miss portugal wrote @

olá pai, olá mamma!
o teu amigo era mesmo o Bilo que foi impecável em nos ter emprestado a casa. os 10kms que fizemos entre furar o pneu e o Bilene foram feitos muito devagarinho e com o pneu a desfazer-se… era o único modo de pelo menos pormos o caro durante a noite em sítio mais seguro!

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