adriana calcanhoto


when i heard the price for adriana’s concert i said “no way jose”, i didn’t think it was fair that in a country like this concert prices should be this expensive… but at the last minute the tickets arrived at us rather than the other way around. i was tempted. after tha week we’ve had i thought maybe this would do me some good. of course we still have to pay this unbelievable amount, but while i was sitting in that “concert room” i was able to forget where i was and delight myself with her words and music. she performed like i never saw before, i had never seen her in concert but what i imagined was something completely bland as to what she actually offered us. she was up on stage with two of her great musician friends, Moreno Veloso (yes Caetano Veloso child) and Domenico Lancelotti and they were both amazing.

it was nice to hear her new album and so many of her older tracks that made me remember so many things. her voice was just enough to make me feel so much better and to regret the few moments i actually thought about not going to the concert. as if staying on the couch would do me any better! pff!


what i realised though is that attending concerts in different parts of the world is a different experience. it took about 1 hour to have the room quiet. the first performer, which i am so sorry for not remembering his name right now, was amazing too but the ridiculous audience wouldn’t shut up. laughing and chatting like there was noone on stage, i have never seen that before… i was appaled. the lovely man finished his performance and i really felt sorry for the whole environment… it was shameful.

they only quiet down when she finally arrived in her very simple clothes and stage design but with her spectacular voice. finally we could all enjoy the concert… until she stopped and said goodbye… 2 minutes later before the audience had time to clap for her encore, the idiot Ministers of Education and Culture, as if, were already up on stage with their line of girls holding on to big bouquets of flowers. it was so rude what they did. they stood there waiting for adriana to come back and simply stood in front of her while she got ready for her encore. they took pictures with the journalists up on stage and delayed her finish…

talk about unnecessary show-off.

fortunately those men dissapeared and we were able to listen to those last sounds from brasil.


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