DIOGO GATINHO LOPES is born! i can’t tell you all how happy i am for my friend filipa and joão.

just like on their wedding day, and on their first anniversary in antwerp, i have lived their moments together from far but always there with them never forgetting to acknowledge their happiness and their lives.

in august last year i was the first one to hear “in nine months you’ll be an aunty” in a very shy and excited voice, i shrieked and couldn’t hide my happiness and almost told the world. nine months later here we are, i’m far away, again, too far to visit, but she’s on her way to the hospital to have her Csection in a couple of hours…

DIOGO will be born today if everything goes to plan and in a few days he’ll be home.

i know she’ll ignore her friend in africa for a little while, until she stops being hipnotised by her baby, i’ve seen so many friends have babies lately i know they go through a wonderful phase of hipnoses! but we talked wednesday evening and i talked to DIOGO as well, and he knows i am a very proud aunty and can’t wait to meet him.

the first boy in sooooo long!

i think he’ll be dark haired like his daddy and so funny like his mommy. he’ll be a happy child and i will spoil him like all the others. i will probably meet him when he’s not a baby anymore, when he starts walking or talking, so i’ll miss a lot of his life… he won’t get to know me but i will make sure i know all about him.
welcome to this world GATINHO, i haven’t seen you yet but i love you so much.



  Fá PD wrote @

Então a que horas é que “ficou sem barriga”?Falei ontem com a Filipa Gato:estava ansiosa pela manhã do dia 20Março2009!!!

  Fá PD wrote @

Voltei a ler o teu texto e vi então que puseste lá em cima a hora …
Olha, lembrei-me de te pedir p/tirares outra foto à tua parede dos Postais.Qtos já lá há meus?

  miss portugal wrote @

eu não sei a que horas nascia, sei só que ela tinha que lá estar ás 8!!!!

na parede já tenho 5 postais teus! sim mamma tás a ganhar! vou procurar uns para ti tb!

  Fá PD wrote @

Mal o Bébé nasceu(14h30m)o Avô Álvaro ligou-me a dar a BOA notícia:”O menino “é todo parecido com a M/Filipa”!!!Estão todos muito felizes!!!

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