detail #016

another one bites the dust! 



there is something just amazing about coming home for lunch and finding on your place, this thanks to Edite the other lady of the house who smartly thought i wouldn’t miss it if she put it on top of my plate!, a postcard.

to me like i’ve said so many times, it’s one of the objects i love the most. specially when they come as a surprise like this one. it comes from Novara in Italy but it’s actually a postcard from Madrid in Spain… apparently it was lost amongst dvd boxes, and it popped out and yelled “i want to be sent to africa!”

and it did! Paola, Riccardo and little Edoardo, or as we like to call him, Dodo, have sent the RUA DO SOL FAMILY, kisses from above (north hemisphere i mean) and lots of “we miss you both”

we miss you three very much too. and just like you wished for, IT’S ON THE WALL!!!!


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