18.02.2009 I

inês, you were born 15 years ago and just like that i became a godmother. 

i have watched you grow through these years, close and sometimes far, now even from very far away, and i am always amazed by how much we are alike. ok, so you’re a much better student than i was at your age, but that’s a different story, what i mean is it sometimes creeps me out how you talk, and move your hands and laugh, just like me. but mostly i am so proud of what you have become. intelligent (this part has nothing to do with me, maybe with filipa, but surely not with me), beautiful (of course… me!), kind, thoughtful, cute (me) and so much more… and so many other things that you’ll achieve in your years to come. 15 years old!

i was 14 when you were born, and i had arm cramps every time i held you in those first few months, but it was such a wonderful feeling to know that on february 18 1994 i became important for someone who could depend on me.

be yourself. we’ve got so much to do still, i promise i’ll always be here for you.


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