first time in 5 years


for five years aldo and i have been living together. not really remembering this day when we made that decision of sharing everything, throughout these years. i’d always think february was the month but rarely we’d aknowledge it to the point of saying out loud.

today we did. i woke up knowing this was the day when 5 years ago i opened the door to my house in milan, to my bedroom and accepted aldo in my life with all of my heart.

we have never exchanged gifts, on this day or in a somewhat dubious september month when we think we started dating. we have never even gone out to dinner for this ocasion, we just went along with the flow. i like dates, believe me i really like counting years, months, day ans even hours, but when it comes to me and him, it just seems so insignificant.

but today i woke up wanting to say it out loud, maybe because it’s just the number 5 that makes me think, or just being here alone with that makes me understand how important these little things are. so the first thing i said to him was “congratulations for today” and not expecting anything in return, usually his memory doesn’t function so well in these matters, he replied… “thank you for being with me through all these years.”

inhaca was just that. a celebration. for us. in the middle of nowhere with noone around. i guess that’s what you can call all that we are doing here a celebration of us. we have had so many problems between us, some still to be resolved, we fight, we’re human, but we above all love. we respect, except when i shout, my sister should know… but i wouldn’t give up the feeling of having him so close, so warm next to me. many do not understand, many do not even dare say what they think, but i am one of the happiest people on earth and i know it’s because of us. of who we are together.

after 5years of sharing the same space, i know i could’ve never have turned back from Milan when i finished ERASMUS. i know milan existed to me for many things, all of them less important than him. i know antwerp was part of my life because it made sense with him, and i’m sure when i’ll look back on maputo, it will all be too good to be true. aldo and i make plans, lots of them, and lots of them come true, so there is no rush, there is no panic, it’s all so conforting.

some many years of so many beautiful things. and so many good feeling of what there is to come. i told you, remember, this is it, i really feel it, this is it.

and yes, that above is a view of Maputo by night, thanks Pia for taking the picture for my from your 22nd floor apartment in the Polana Shopping bulding. it really ilustrates all that i wanted to say.



  São Santos wrote @


Desejo-vos as maiores FELICIDADES e que continues a ser a pessoa mais feliz do mundo, seja em Milão, em Antuérpia, em Lisboa, mas principalmente em MAPUTO.

Gostei de te ler….
Beijocas grandes para os 2
Tia São

  mfatimappduarte wrote @

Olá Andrea e Aldo, gostei muito de ler o t/texto acima. Bonito saber que essa Vossa Caminhada Comum tem sido sobretudo um Tempo Bom das v/vidas tão jovens. Eu e o Pai tb “namorámos” 5 anos e meio. E, qdo já nos sentíamos “grandes” demais, resolvemos casar(23FEV1979). E mal demos por isso já lá vinhas tu a dar um sinal de gente, dentro de mim … e ainda nasceste nesse ano !!! Viéste depressa e ainda bem. Mudáste as N/vidas para sempre e foi sempre um BEM criar-te e ver-te crescer. Hoje és uma Mulher feita, saudável e feliz. Só está a faltar um BÉBÉ para completar (não fechar!) o ciclo familiar: os Pais morrem, mas a vida continua com os NETINHOS !!! Ora venha de lá UM !!!
Xau,bjs e saudades.
La mamma Fá.

  Lili wrote @

Perfeito e lindo…como vocês! :)

  miss portugal wrote @

for those who can’t read portuguese, i will be happy to translate what my mother has written for this post on the second comment:
“hello andrea and aldo, i really liked reading what you wrote on this post. it’s nice to know that your common journey has been above all a wonderful time of your lives. dad and i also “dated” for 5years and a half. and when we felt that we had grown enough we decided to get married (23.02.1979). and as soon as we did we realized that we were on your way giving signs of life inside of me… you were born that same year (13.12.1979)!!! you came quickly and it was so good. you changed our lives forever and it was always a GIFT to raise you and see you grow healthy and happy. the only thing missing in life is a baby to complete (not close!) the circle of family. our parents die, but life continues with our grandchildren!!! so start making one! kisses. i miss you. mom Fá”
and just like that my mother told me on this comment for the first time in my life how it felt to receive me in this world… and i love her for having told me. also my mother’s new word to me, after 6 years of being away from home is: saudade… I MISS YOU!
and i love you mom.

and calm down with the grandchildren! jeez ;)

são, espero que continue tudo assim, com altos e baixo mas com recompensas maravilhosas como até aqui.

lili, sempre!

  Sofia wrote @

Ohh…how beautiful!
Até me vieram as lágrimas aos olhos.

Beijinhos e bonne continuation (como dizem os belguinhas francófonos!)

PS: Amanhã acho que vou dar uma volta até Antuérpia, já lá não vou à muito tempo.

  miss portugal wrote @

podes crer sofia lourenço!

até eu chorei com isto… mas agora já choro porque sei que ela quer netos!!!! ai a minha vida! lol

  mfatimappduarte wrote @

Saudades tenho sentido sempre que nos separamos, mas enquanto andamos sobre o mesmo “chão” (Europa) parece q as distâncias são apenas de um passo!
Ao contrário, ir p/África, tudo se torna mais difícil se suportar, não só pq é LONGE «prá burro», mas sobretudo pq é um mundo “in the oposite of our canons”. As diferenças são abissais: Mz é um País (méus Téra) mais inseguro; mais carente; mais doente; mais pobre … enfim, e ainda por cima cada viagem demora 13horas: uff.
All these things are HEAVY. Really Heavy!
Bjs, La Mamma Fá

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