29.01.2009 III

rosie was born a year ago. exactly twelve months of a beautiful life. 

on that first moment that i saw her i knew, this is the moment i realized i would be connected to belgium forever to greet and kris and to everything in antwerp. she represents to me happiness, a life filled with love, smiles and friendship. rosie is growing up beautifully, full of life. her one minute movies made by her mommy for me keep me laughing, and looking forward to her next “new thing”. 

she plays keekaboe, she stands up by herself, she claps he hands, she can eat a whole pear by herself and i am sure by now she can say “andrea” together with words like mama! i have heard her “talk”, i have heard her laugh and play. i have heard her stories from her mother, i have missed her dearly. 

i haven’t held her in my arms for 5 months and last time i did was on a very sad day, the day i said goodbye to everything i had and to everyone i loved in her city. i miss her sweet smell of cookies, that is why she’ll always be COOKIE ROSIE.  12 months of you



  Greet wrote @

thanks , rosie says, thanks or your call, for the video, for thinking off, and for always being here…xxx

  miss portugal wrote @

miss portugal thanks rosie for knowing she’s always here. i won’t go anywhere, ever.

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