chokwe #003

it’s all about giving… to the children

we had decided a long time ago that this being our first christmas away from any of our homes, portugal or italy, we’d give up exchanging gifs between me and aldo and give to the children at the Chokwe orphanage. we couldn’t resist. we visited them 3 days before christmas and gave them what we could, new clothes! since every time we go the orphanage there seem to be even more children since the time before we were a bit short on items, but they still enjoyed our company and we simply adored seeing them. they sang like never before, they danced and they chatted until they dropped, literally of hunger. we were all hungry by lunch time, and we couldn’t say no when Sister Isaura asked us to join them for their special christmas meal. the food was very good, warm and so homemade. it was strange for us to give up all our rules for eating in africa, usually we never eat vegetables outside of private homes, we don’t drink water and certainly we tens to eat things we know where they came from… i think those rules flew out of my mind the minute i sat down at their table. the food was delicious, the water so cool under that sun and the vegetables straight out of the garden. i didn’t care. 


Chelton, the new kid in town


Luanda, she’s doing so well. she’s sitting up on her own, when she feels like it! and she has a beautiful smile!




aldo and andrea dancing


Zezito, the cutest!


can’t stop dancing


they just couldn’t resist 



everybody loves Chelton



seeing them on this day meant so much to me. i think to my sister and Ana also so much because we opened our hearts like we never expected. we laughed together, danced together and especially learned so many new things by just spending time there. every time i visit this place i leave a bit of myself. i feel that my hands are tight in so many aspects, we can’t change the way they live, but i feel, selfishly so much better with myself. i feel proud of myself and aldo and whoever wants to learn more about this place because we give our time, we’re not better than them, we just can use our education, economic position, our outside view to help. and help sometime is just as simple as this gathering, lunch together. that’s all it takes. and if in the meantime you can by them new things, or search for prices of things they need, or pick up groceries, or letters or anything, we’ll do it. because it doesn’t take anything to make them smile. 

and the best reward to us is seeing how happy they are. with so much less than us, but with hearts bigger than we’ve ever had.


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