kruger park #002

the Kruger Park is without a doubt a gorgeous place, not as savana as i would have expected after last year visiting the Gorongosa Park in Mozambique, but still so exciting, searching for all t«of the BIG FIVE or not, was a challenge, it exhausts you because it seems like so much land for only four pairs of eyes! we were very lucky though because apparently eventhough it’s normal to see so many animals, not everyone gets to see so many of the BIG FIVE in one visit. usually december is not the best time, the grass and bushes are very tall at this time of the year… but i guess when you’re not expecting much, when things have happened that make you just wish to have good fun with you boyfriend, sister and friend, i guess the animals didn’t mind showing just to make our weekend so much better!




there is a giraffe behind me!


a whole family of zebras


a sleepy rhino


another hypnotized bambi


a funny and ugly couple of pumbas… ok so their technical name is WARTHOG, but to me they’re just pumbas!

now prepare yourselves for the master, the king of the animals, ladies and gentleman, i give you MR. LION KING!




the lovely royal couple enjoying the breezy shadow on a very hot morning… just in case you think the pictures have the zoom on, not really, we were about 7 meters away from them, the thrill of seeing them so close was something i cannot explain, they look fierce, strong, owners of the land… but in a way they looked very cute!



in the eye of the… crocodile!


and a turtle on the rocks!


again the bird that pees


another bird, which by the way was also 2 meters away from me and was so huge i’m sure it took take your head off with that beak!!



we found this lagoon without expecting it and guess what we found IN the lagoon… HIPPOS!!!! see the lumps in the water? ok, so we had binoculars… we even saw them get up, yawn and get back in the water.


the tree in the middle of the lagoon was also full of nests of different time of birds


and there she was again, hiding but still so curious!


this is a KODU… family of the bambis i think, with just a meaner face!


mommy and son. 


our cabin in the SKUKUSA CAMP


and just before we left the KRUGER PARK, we had an amazing, exciting, almost scary moment…




right there next to us, they passed, on with their business, took their time, ate a bit (apparently elephants have a really bad digestive system making them spend all their time awake eating… this way they’ll digest all day and get filled up all day. ah an another detail, zebras have also a really bad digestive system, they fart a lot and that’s why you’ll never see a think zebra… they hold a lot of air!), looked around them,

and headed home… and so did we.


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