kruger park #001

it wouldn’t be africa,without a safari.

our way of dealing with these past sad feelings was not canceling our weekend at the ZOO, more precisely at the KRUGER PARK, two nights in the middle of nowhere in South Africa with a few cars, a few people, astonishing landscapes and guess what… animals, animals, animals.

now i know why my father never let my have the elephant i so much wanted and wished for, or a giraffe, or even a tiny lion… dad, you did the right thing by not giving me these “pets”. but you know what, i saw them, almost all of the animals we could see at the Kruger, we saw! just one was missing… Mr. Leopard, he hid very well from us and almost from everyone because on the TODAY and YESTERDAY charts there were almost no leopards to be seen.


our houses at the KRUGER’s BERG-EN-DAL lodge, very dingy looking, stopped in time back in the sixties, needed a bit of a refreshing new look, big and filled with creatures

after a somwhat wierd night we slept for 4hours and woke up very early to catch the safari caravan at 4:30. we were just waking up and so were the animals.



Mr.I-PEE-IN-MY-LEGS-BIRD is a odd creature, this bird pees on his legs so that they become white rather than being black like naturally so that the sun doesn’t feel so hot, and also to stop parasites to adopt his legs as home-sweet-home… kinda smart if it didn’t involve peeing on yourself! but oh well… 


Mr.CROCODILE wasn’t so brave as i would imagine, he simply ran away when he saw us passing above him on the bridge, it took a sharp eye to see him and seconds for him to run!


Mr. and Mrs BAMBI were very kind to us, they belong to the largest family at the KRUGER LAND so everywhere we went there they were, eating, getting themselves hypnotized by the sound of cars, they didn’t move and we got to the point of not even writing on our map that we saw them… after all the other animals i guess a few bambis weren’t so exciting.



Miss.GIRAFFE, now that’s a cute girl! i always thought of them as the princesses of savanas, they look so cute when they eat and so shy. their awkward legs make them look silly in a way, but a fun fact is that they protects so many animals, because they are so tall bambis, monkeys, zebras usually are found around them so that when trouble comes the tall girls let them know that they should RUN (i know the feeling!) anyway they also have another fun fact: when a lion for example gets close to them they usually do two things, they either run if they’re alone or if they’re in a group they tend to group up, look all together to the beast and run directly at them so the lion knows they’re on to him and they’re not scared!

now the lion isn’t stupid either, he knows that if he can just get a giraffe to run on the asphalt roads she will slip and fall, they are very silly when they run, each leg goes in a different direction, and the asphalt makes them even more uncoordinated! fascinating how each animal has a procedure!



Mr.RHINO, can’t say i’m a big fan, jeez they look fat and lazy, but gosh knows how fast they can be when they charge after you! so secret to all, smile for the picture but have someone always with the foot on the accelerator or looking out for any faster move!



Mr.BUFFALO has a very wierd haircut, good thing he was far away!



Mrs.MONKEY AND CHILD walked along like they didn’t even noticed us. i guess they have better things to do with their lives.



Mr.IGUANA-OR-SOMETHING-THAT-LOOKS-LIKE-IT wasn’t a nice friend, stood still, quiet behind the grass cold as ice.



M.ELEPHANT, now that’s what i call a majestic presence, they are HUMANGOUS and so much more old than i thought. i absolutely love elephants, i used to sign my name everywhere with a drawing of an elephant from the back all the time when i was young, even made a pillow with that drawing… anyway, they are gorgeous, and sooooo big! and so worth it! fun fact: when they cross the road, please don’t stand in front of him for the photo, just keep driving ’cause one touch from this guy and you’ll fly!



ZEBRA THE KID really looks like a young child wearing pantyhose all the way to their faces! they are beautiful, funny looking and intelligent. fun fact: when they feel the presence of a lion they usual stick together and when he charges they run in different directions! talk about confusing the guy!!!!

to be continued…


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