last year while i was about to go to sleep, getting cosy in my bed i noticed an sms that was waiting for me, the last sms of the day… LILY ROSE was born. “lily rose, 51cm di bellezza allo stato puro”

i talked to Marco and i noticed from the “hello”, he was beyond happy, tired, excited, and so proud of his girls Nathalie and Lily

Lily came into this world in december, the best month i told her the first time i saw her. she was tiny and blond and had blue eyes. this last year i followed almost 9 months of her life, and i got to know how she likes to sleep early and wake up late, she liked to be held or left alone playing with her toys. she once fell asleep in my arms watching FRIENDS, not bad taste! and, when i least expected, she hugged me…




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