sushi dinner at marta’s


sushi at marta’s means helping in the kitchen, enjoying an evening around friends, chatting and laughing the whole time. apparently everyone helps out, everyone did at least one roll of sushi, i tried with one it was sooooo perfect i didn’t do another! :)

(this photo is real and mine, not something i found in google!)

it was a great evening. 

so MARTA, would you please come with us to Ponta do Ouro for my birthday party!!!! i know we’re all staying in your house, but you said you needed an oficial invitation, and here it is!



  marta wrote @

Claro!!! Convite aceite!!! E se quiseres podemos levar os ingredientes para mais uma dose de sushi!!!

  miss portugal wrote @

sushimarta! decidi que neste weekend dos meus aninhos podemos levar o que quisermos! (sei que vamos estar na tua casinha mas…) eu adoraria ter um jantar de sushi, e nós eu e a minha mana vamos pensar numas sobremesas… quem sabe o arroz doce não passa a ser a nossa sobremesa de eleição da Ponta!!!!

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