the saddest day

leandra died.

leandra died before she became 9 months old… she let go of the hands that held her.

i met her one sunday and just couldn’t believe that someone would give up two babies like that, she is a twin, she left behind a sister, luana, stronger, but now alone. i met her and straight away sat next to her, and held her hand… by the end of that visit she was holding my finger so strongly as if not wanting to let me go… i guess she looked weaker than she really was. her eyes had no expression, still as warm weather, but to me they had hope. i looked around us and felt that she had found a home for now, she was within a comunity, with children who sang all day round, and nuns who protected her…

but there is so much they could do. and yes now i blame myself for things i thought i could do, and didn’t, for things i dreamt for her and she won’t live to see them… i had hope for her, i had hope that one day she’d be mine… and still i left her there. and there is so much they could do…

she’s gone. she was tiny and weak but so missed.




  luisaemadalena wrote @

queria deixar-te um grande beijinho e dizer-te que vamos sentir a tua falta no domingo.

luisa e madalena

  miss portugal wrote @

vou pensar muito em voçês. tenho muitas saudades vossas e principalmente da minha fofa madalena. princesa linda!

um beijo daqui dos maputo para as duas. e obrigada por se lembrarem de mim. *

  sofia wrote @


  sofia wrote @

andrea.. di mi corazon.. me voy.. pero vuelvo.. agora leitura em dia so dia 4.. enjoy africa.. beijinhosss

  miss portugal wrote @

querida sofia… lembro-me sempre do teu sorriso quando estou triste… podes ter a certeza que me fazes muita falta. besos…

  São Santos wrote @

olá querida

Vê comentário que enviei no teu post de 11 de Novembro. Desculpa mas enganei-me.


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