30 days of africa

here we are, a month later, with a job, house, friends and a great tan!

nothing like coming to africa to understand how a body should look like. after three years in the dark, it’s so nice to feel the warm sun on your back, face, legs and… wherever really! the days aren’t long, they start early but summer here means that the sun goes to bed at around 7:30 pm… it isn’t much but after such a hot day you really start looking forward to it. to the light night air, to the intensive rain, and the lightning opening up the night making it look daytime again. there are so many contradictions in this city, country and this one is probably the funniest. 

how did i ever end up in a place with as much rain as belgium in the night, but with enough sun to shine in belgium for the next 30years in the day? i don’t know, but i’m happy here. one month of hapiness!

…i do miss one thing… i miss the warm teas, the warm nights in, those where you’d go over to a friends place at 6pm and only leave at 12pm hoping that the rain had stopped, hoping that soon again you’ll be back there enjoying the great gossip, or just a serious conversation, a cigaret by the kitchen window and washing dishes while i talked. i miss the warmth of a heating system, the feeling of undressing 3 scarves and saying “i’m cold”. don’t get me wrong, i hate being cold, i just like all the rituals of a cold day… or a cold night with friends. 

that is why now while i curl up in my couch in my shorts and top and look around and see noone, i remember those nights and i smile, because there is always skype to get me close to someone who can tell me how cold it is.


anyway… just to say that it’s been 30 days, 30 days in the sun… days that i wouldn’t give up… unless it was for a few hours in antwerp’s cold nights



  filipa wrote @

estou bem aonde nao estou
porque eu so quero ir aonde nao vou!

la la la la la

  miss portugal wrote @

tal e qual!

como digo no meu facebook “i’m always searching for something eventhough i know i found it”

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