news from maputo #001

i haven’t written anything yet about how i’m living this experience… the most important thing is that i am loving it!
our house is so nice! the couple who lived here is gone and we’ve finally been sleeping in a normal bed, with our own bed sheets and a mosquito net that doesn’t tangle up in our feet and makes the hot weather seem so much worse. the house will look even better once they paint the facade, redo the flower beds and plant new thing in it, Aldo is already dreaming with a community herb garden to feed the night guards. who knows, maybe we’ll make a neighborhood ma-shamba (mozambican dialect word for agriculture land)!!! our own private night guard, Mr. Victor is the one who will be in charge of coordinating the activities… i’ll be coordinating it from afar, ’cause the rithm is a bit peculiar. he’s very happy, i know ’cause he told me “á patroa quasi qué sábia qué eu gosto muito di plantas!” (translated means: “boss lady, you guessed i like gardening very much!”) 
Mr. João and his nephew Hélder, who live next door, are mechanics and have been for the past two days almost under our car trying to fix bits and pieces of it to make it a even better MEAN MACHINE, they are so happy it’s hard to take the car away from them!!! “patroa, há-de ficar bom!” (boss lady, it’ll be fine!) the car is actually great, you can see the photos in this blog and i am simply loving to drive in Maputo, i just can’t get used to the fact that everybody honks at anything and everything and the fact that you’re nobody if you don’t talk on your phone as you drive… i hope i don’t start doing that! eventhough i love to drive i just can’t seem to memorize these street names… between comunists and dictators i can’t seem to WANT (i wonder why!) to make these names part of my life. even R. Mugabe has a roundabout with his name and the man is still alive… pity.  
tonight there is a lady coming over for an “interview”. she’ll become if i say so, our cleaning lady and this time it’s for 3/4 days a week!!!! luxury to Aldo! but i have been asked for a job so many time i can’t keep up, even the coffee girl in my office told me “a patroa quando quiser cozinheiro para filhos depois da escola pede o meu marido!” (boss lady, when you need a cook for children after school call my husband), well, i have no children, so case closed! she actually found out a week ago that she is HIV positive so she’s been very sad, we’re doing our best to keep her going to the treatments and doctor appointments, our poor Maria Café. 
as for my job, it’s great, there is work and lots of it. i’m working on a big bank’s new headquarters and my colleagues are really nice and funny and i’m never bored.
now, strangely what’s been scaring me is the heat! who would ever have said that with 33degrees i’m be so afraid??!! it’s not the sweat that bothers me, i have lunch everyday at home and whenever i can i take a shower, it’s not the awful smell of catinga (sweat in mozambican) of the people crossing my path, or the lack of wind to take the smell awaya of the fact that everyone seems to get slower as we get stuck to the melting asfalt, it’s when i hear “ó patroa, isto não é nada, fica maior quente em janeiro!” (boss lady, it’ll get so much worse in january!)
and so, just like that i have become the boss of many people!!


  mama wrote @

oi minha linda!
que surpresa boa reencontrar-te “aqui” e tomar contacto com todas as novidades desta vossa nova vida.
Que aventura! e que experiência maravilhosa de vida deve ser!
Tenho a certeza que marcará os vossos corações definitivamente.
agora vou aqui voltar sempre para ir sabendo notícias.
e vou passar essa informação à Fifi!

beijos e tudo de bom!

  Ana Margarida wrote @

olá!!! Tenho andado a seguir atentamente o teu blog.
Fico contente em saber que esse tua nova aventura está a correr bem. ;) E Espero que não te importes com a invasão abusiva da minha presença no teu novo território…
Muitos beijinhos e boas aventuras moçambicanas

  miss portugal wrote @

fico mto contente de te ver por aqui ana margarida, tenho imensas saudades tuas e fico ainda mais feliz de saber que vens cá vsitar-me com a minha maninha! as primeiras visitas são sempre super especiais!!!!

mama, que amor! adorei. diga á fifi que morro de saudades dela tb. beijos ás duas!

  São Santos wrote @

Alô Andeia

Só há 2 dias é que soube que tinhas um blog aí na nossa terra.
Vou passar a visitar-te.
FAlei com a tua mãe para lhe pedir o teu tm para dar à filha de um agrande amiga minha que foi para Maputo hoje, e vai ficar 5 meses a fazer um mestrado. Já tem alojamento em casa de uns amigos de uma colega da mãe, mas gostava que entrasses em contacto com ela para ela te conhecer. o nº é 00258828201468 e chama-se Margarida Mota.
Ela vai ficar uma semana em Maputo e depois vai para o Bilene onde vai decorrer o trabalho de campo. Deve regressar a Maputo de vez em quando. Ela é uma querida como tu, e se calhar podes-lhe dar algum apoio para as compras de material de campismo de que vai precisar.

Adorei saber das vossas aventuras, embora escritas em Inglês!!
Desejo-te as maiores felicidades e espero que disfrutes ao máximo.
Obrigada pelo apoio que possas dar à Margarida.
Beijocas para os 2 da

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