chokwe #001

this is a story of an orphanage. this is a story of survival. a story of one person, sister isaura and a story of an ONG who looked onto these children and decided to lend a hand. a story of children with no families, with children with almost no food, with no new clothes, with no new toys.

this is a story of the children with the biggest smile. Rosinha and João invited us to join them on one of their last visits to the orphanage before they leave definitely to Portugal to get married and get a job. we join them with a few expectations, a few fears but mostly an open heart.





they sang when we arrived, they sang when we presented ourselves, they sang when we smiled and when we left. i can’t imagine what it was like for Rosinha and João as they knew it’s be one of the last times they’d see these beautiful smiles, but i hope they could see in the children’s eyes how much they loved them. they are forever grateful to them and for us that was so visible!

Aldo and i have offered our help in whatever way we can and they see fit. “UM PEQUENO GESTO” the ONG who is behind this project has open up their arms to our help. our help will come in a shape of a new building for the orphanage, seeing that they need more space and more infrastructure, because the number of children that sister isaura is “collecting” is growing everyday… sadly.

we will do our best, and you’ll follow this new meaning to our lives with me.

(this post was meant to be written 2 weeks ago… but better late than ever!)

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