our first car




well, well, would you look at that MEAN MACHINE!!! we have a car, actually it’s a rather funny story: Aldo bought it… I drive it!!!!!! and that’s the way things work in my house! eheheheheheh

actually buying this car was funny, between seeing it for the first time and buying it there were lots of moments where i had to breathe, count until 10 (went over 3 a long time ago!) and tried again. the “shop” or PARK as they call it, which already is funny because the first time i asked the taxi to take me to that particular shop, he answered “to the park?” i said “no, the car stand”, he said “ya the park”… so i ended up giving him a portuguese language course! a place where they sell cars is not a PARK! anyway…

we bought this car from a “park” wned by a pakistani family, which is fine with me if they would speak to us in portuguese! it makes things harder if all you hear is “lrorolrorlrlorroolorrorlroi”, i’ll imitate it as soon as possible live!

then the real stresses began, first the car window didn’t open, then the front seat flew off it’s place as soon as the mechanic drove the car, then the glove compartment jumped out breaking the piece that holds it to the car, then i noticed they were selling the car withot the radio (which looked as if someone stole it out of there), then the copy of the car i.d. document was lost, then they discovered they hadn’t even asked to be done, then they didn’t have a bank account where Aldo could put the money, then they call as ask for cash thinking that we go around town with this amount of dollars in our pockets, then i went to pick up the car and hear in slight portuguese “sorry but the car is in the other park” IT’S NOT A PARK!!!!! jeeez…

finally it arrived… and this time it came to me, the pakistani guy called BOLINHA (little ball!) came to our office and delivered the car and the keys literally in my hands. now i’m driving this african ferrari! and Aldo’s paying to have a taxi! no for long… hopefully

today was also a great day because something important arrived…


my mozambican resendency… i am officially part of this place… and very proud of it!



  filipa wrote @

ontem dirigi-me à embaixada de moçambique!
a aventura começou logo pela entrada naquela “prisão”. depois fui atendida por um senhor e preenchi a requisição do visto: quando vou, quando volto, o que vou fazer, com quem vou estar, onde vou dormir, o que faço da vida, onde trabalho, que cargo exerço, se ja lá estive, se já lá vivi, se conheço lá gente! meu Deus, ainda nem saí de portugal e já me estou a sentir ameaçada!
depois de tudo preenchidinho, dirijo-me ao balcao de pagamento: aí duas moçambicanas: 115 euros, fachavor!!! 60 euros 1 entrada, 120 euros duas entradas, mas vá lá, fazemos um descontinho, 115 euros!!! é com este abuso que moçambique quer enriquecer?
depois a moça diz: portugal deveza? conheço este nome!
pois, a minha irma esteve aqui há 15 dias!
ahh, entao é isso!
ai voce é medica!
sim!, precisam lá de medicos?
sim, muito! o meu irmao é lá medico!
ai sim, entao eu quero ir lá conhece-lo!
ok, eu ponho-vos em contacto!
VALEU!!! vou de ferias, mas ainda posso ver uns doentinhos nos intervalos!

ahhh e ainda fui gozada por achar que moçambique era longe e por achar o bilhete de aviao caro! mas tudo bem, são boa gente! bora nessa!

  Sofia wrote @

My deareste Andrea,
Obrigada pelo telefonema, mensagem.. merciiiii, the car suits you.. é a tua cara, e nunca me passou pela cabeça que tivesses outro carro!! :) have fun.. enjoy Moçambique

  Rosie wrote @

good luck with the suzuki mean machine
drive carefully lovers

and rosie
and working late greet

  miss portugal wrote @

THANKS GIRLS!!! rosie, grret and sofia who’s birthday i couldn’t forget!!!!

greet it was thursday, go home and watch GREY’S!

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