nine months and still gorgeous

how could i forget such a date… ROSIE’s 9 months old and i miss her like crazy. i heard she’s big, i heard she has 4 teeth, and that she crawls all over the place. i hear that she’s like “a cowboy in a tutu”, right mommy? the best expresison ever!!!!

my dear little COOKIE GIRL, hope you’re still smiling that beautiful smile, hope you see me in your dreams because you sure are in my prayers. i miss you little girl. i miss everything about you and also the things i can’t see from here. don’t forget our italian conversations and how we used to make great music with your coloured blocks… ah and also don’t forget to say “ecco” everytime you achieve something new!happy nine month birthday! hope you still smell like cookies!



  Rosie wrote @

Rosie says: miss you too; making music is still my favourit play… i also can clap my hands now…
eh voila, ecco my first mail

  miss portugal wrote @

you clap your hands rosie?????? oh my goodness! i’m so proud of you… and you can even write emails, hooray for cookie girl!!!!!!
aunt miss portugal

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