our new home

it took a while for us to make the decision, but i think we knew the moment we walked in this house where Rosinha and João have shared so much for the last 8 months (also the house where he asked her to marry him… maybe it was really in the stars!!!), where they have created a great and comfy space, and where they welcomed us, complete strangers, into their home and shared it completely.

i fell in love because not of it’s beauty, but of it’s comfort. i also liked the thought of not having to look any further, we tried, i swear we tried, we saw one house, spoke to two agencies, and hear three people say “are you nuts? don´t look anymore, if you like it, for that price and those conditions you´re better off not even knowing what disasers people call houses in this city!” so enough said.

it’s decided, because i’m sure, most importantly this house on the Street of the Sun, number 39 chose us that first moment when we arrived still a bit scared of all of this new adventure.

the pictures i´m showing are from the facade, but if you want to see more of how it looks now, you can take a peak through their eyes… if you can read portuguese you´ll even be lucky to read it, but the pictures are nice. this way i´ll only have to show more when we do more work on it. we´re thinking of repainting the facade and arranjing the flowers in the entrance.

here is:

the kitchen 

the bathroom, the living/dining room, the master bedroom, the guest room… and the other guest room is missing
so, what do you think? the people in the picture are the current renters who we are staying with.

and for those who actually are thinking “oh they actually live in a house!”, those who thought i´d go live in a loveshack, not really, like i said a thounsand time, Maputo is a city not the african jungle!!!! eheheh


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