miss mc portugal

miss portugal has a mac! yes, they have computers here ;) eheheh!!!

let me explain. we were supposed to start working on the 3rd of November. we decided last monday the 21th of October to go to our offices and say “hello” actually i was planning to say “hello, how are you? we’re fine thank you, see you in two weeks!”

we ended up saying “hello, how are you, we’re fine thank you… … you look stressed… … shall we start working earlier?… … hmmm… … wednesday??!!”

stress in Maputo you ask? well, apparently there is! we both starting working this morning, of course the concept of working has a few different diteails, we start at 8a.m. (yes, it’s early but i confess it’s too hot to sleep more anyway), stop at 12:30p.m. and everyone goes home for lunch (Aldo and i walk because our temporary house is 3minutes walking from our offices) have a lunch break until 2p.m. and work until 5pm… stress you ask? well, i never ate lunch at home, so to me that’s the stressiest moment… I HAVE TO STAR COOKING TWO MEALS!!!! 

it wasn’t the most prodctive day i’ll ever work, i was so amazed by the big screen i confess i stared at it for a while. but i’ll be working on a project of a huge office building but the deadline is already at the end of November… maybe a bit stressed then, but the office closes for SUMMER HOLIDAYS (remember i’m in the south hemisphere!) for 3 WEEKS in December!!!! yeah to me… this is MANINGUE NICE (translation VERY NICE)!!!!!! grea, already dreaming of Christmas in the sun.

ta ta


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