“benvinda a maputo”

it’s what i’ve heard for the past three days around here, “welcome”. they welcome us to this city but to me it feels almost like i never left since last year. i recognize still everything, some things i already know where and when to expect them but they still have such a new feeling. it happens everytime i move, i own the city i chose to live in from the very beginning. some are hard to conquer, others not at all. don’t worry, Antwerp might have been the hardest, but i never got so much satisfaction from a place than there, and A’pen knows it!

before i get started, we flew first class and the plane took off with us sitting inside the cockpit! minor detail, but such an exciting one!!!!

so, let me fill you in on something. we’re looking for a house, for the first time we’re doing it together, me and Aldo. he picked the house in Milan, i picked the one in Antwerp, so it’s nice for a change to look for one together. the unusual thing this time is that we think the house chose us! i was reading a blog a while ago from Rosinha and João, a couple who moved to Maputo 8 months ago and by leaving eachother comments on our blogs they ended up, hopefully not forced to, inviting us to stay ith them until we found a house for us. we accepted of course, not only for saving a bit of money but bcause this way we’d make friends from day one and could be oriented by people under forty, seeing that my family of friends of family here are of another generation. seeing Maputo through the eyes of a 28year-old might be a plus right now. João picked us up from the airport, which this time didn’t scared me so much, and we went to pick up Rosinha for lunch, and my uncle also and were able to see we would be friends with them from the beginning, it’s a pity they’re leaving. he asked her to marry him and in 3 weeks they’ll be leaving Maputo to start organizing everything for the big day in april… and this means they’re leaving their house. eventhough the prespective of staying in this house of theirs, with which Aldo and i fell in love with the first moment we arrived, makes me very happy, i’d rather have them here for a while still. i can see us being very close and learning so much from them. but just like we came here as another step into our future, they are also very happy to make the next step, and i just hope the distance can still allow us to know how each of us is doing.

this takes me to the fact that eventhough we have looked at another house, and searched for other things in newspapers and in an agency, i compare everything with this one… it’s a 3bedroom apartment, plus living room, one bathroom, one kitchen and a balcony for the washing…

and it’s on a street called “rua do sol”, which means Street of the Sun. isn’t this a sign???!!!

i’ll post pictures of it as soon as we make a decision…

so, “BENVINDOS A MAPUTO”, welcome you all to maputo!



  vicky wrote @

good luck for both of you!!
Huge kiss…

  Sofia wrote @

Hello.. estou mto contente por estares instalada!! :) folgo em saber que com novos amigos segues um novo caminho.. os antigos continuam por ca!! sempre!! beijinhos

  miss portugal wrote @

obrigada lindas! fico contente que estejam aí para me acompanhar aqui no fim do mundo, embora tão cosy! beijos

embora ocm novos amigos, voçês não fazem parte dos velhos, fazem sim parte dos melhores!

  maddy wrote @

ehi..ben tornata a casa :)

  miss portugal wrote @

ciao bellissima
che bello vederti qui!!!! salutami tutti…
quando vieni nel tuo continente a trovarci?

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